Atlas Mike’s Assorted Bait Sac Floaters, Red/Yellow/Pink/Orange

Atlas Mike's Assorted Bait Sac Floaters, Red/Yellow/Pink/Orange

  • Quality and high performance standards in all products
  • Extreme scents for all types of fish
  • Designed for amateur and professional anglers
  • Useful for keeping bait in the strike zone
  • Adds color and buoyancy to your rig
  • An excellent scent holder; Holds scent and allows it to leach into the water
Insert hook thru drift balls to float your bait off the bottom and away from snags at fish feeding levels. Added fluorescent color attracts more fish increasing strikes! Use alone or in combination with lures, live bait, salmon eggs, yarn, etc.. Apply Mike's Scents for added effectiveness.

List Price: $ 7.92 Price: $ 4.79