Our Experience Using the Coleman Dual Fuel Camping Stove

This is a story of how my Coleman Camp Stove saved and changed my life. I was dating this girl (who is now my Wife), and she constantly refused to go camping with me.  Well, refuse is not the correct word; she did not flat out refuse she just always had “other plans” conveniently on the weekends I wanted to get my camp on!  Well as fate might have it there was a horrible snow storm that left us stranded in a cabin with no services.  Being the prepared camper that I am I had most of my  camping gear in my car, including my Portable Camping Stove, Coleman Lantern and Coleman Tent.  Thank the Lord because not only did it save us from eating cold uncooked food during the power outage, it forever changed how my wife viewed camping.

Come to find out my wife had been traumatized as a child because she was dragged along with her family on camp trips that were less than fun.  Her Dad did not believe in having amenities like a camping stove preferring to pack sandwiches and to cook hot dogs and such over the open fire.  I guess her Dad liked to camp caveman style and thought camping stoves where to civilized.  She did not realize that with a few camping amenities like a Coleman Stove and Coleman Lantern, you can have both the great outdoors and yummy satisfying meals.

She was very impressed with how easy the Camp Stove started up and how it was big enough to accommodate two pots or pans, but small enough to easily store and carry. In fact, the Coleman Camp Stove encloses the fuel tank, cooking grate, and windscreens all fold up to create an easy to carry like briefcase.  She also liked how easy it was to clean because of the removable, heavy-duty nickel-chrome grate.

My wife is a huge coffee drinker, so I think that when she realized that she could camp and drink her coffee she was sold.  Especially after she saw that the Coleman camping stove boiled her water for coffee in three and half minutes and thus allowing her to make her coffee as quick as our coffee pot at home.

What I have always liked about my Coleman Dual Fuel stove is the Dual Fuel ability.   One reason why I like the Coleman Dual Fuel Stove is I do not have to lug around a ton of propane bottles and then deal with the proper disposal of the cans.  I just have a gas tank that I keep full and ready to go in the back of the truck; which came in handy when my wife borrowed the truck and ran out of gas one time.  Anyway, liquid fuel is the most reliable and hottest way to do camp cookery because it’s easy to start and keep running while requiring very little maintenance.

I had my Coleman Stove for years, because Coleman Stoves and products last forever.  In fact 20 years later I still have the one we used in the cabin so long ago.  However when our boys got old enough to go camping on their own I naturally wanted to get them their own stove. With very few exceptions, I think most Coleman Camping Gear is top notch, and theirs is the best Camping Stoves you can buy.

I am a Mother of 3, writer and part time blogger.

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