Right Sized Camping Tents Will Ensure A Perfect Holiday

Planning a camping trip? Whether you’re an old hand at camping, or a novice who is about to experience your first taste of living in the great outdoors, you must have a suitable tent. Tents for camping purposes are available in many varieties.

Once you’ve had a taste for camping, you are sure to be hooked. In these tough financial times, camping has become a firm favorite with families. Hotel prices have rocketed, so camping makes an ideal alternative. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper, and it gets the kids outdoors and away from their digital distractions.

It’s really important to get children in touch with nature, and they will learn to appreciate their environment. On a camping holiday they can learn all kinds of outdoor skills such as biking, hiking, canoeing, and fishing ‘ to name just a few. And if the weather is miserable, you can all huddle up in the tent and play some fun family games.

The first requirement of any tent is to make sure that it is big enough for everyone to have his or her own space. You don’t want to crush into the tent like sardines. The tent must be completely weather proof. Also make sure it can be put up and taken down easily.

For a single hiker or backpacker, a one-person tent should be more than adequate. They are made with very lightweight material. When folded and packed, they take up hardly any space in a backpack. Although the material is light in weight, the tent will still provide adequate insulation and protection.

Tent sizes continue going up to include 3-man, 4-man, 5-man, 6-man, and then the larger size that can accommodate seven or more people. This type is perfect for a family or a group of friends. A seven-man-plus tent will provide plenty of space for each person to relax and stretch out.

Once you have bought your tent, there are other accessories to think about. You will need a repair kit in case the tent gets torn during the trip. You will also need some spare cords, ropes, stakes and pegs. Other accessories include lanterns, sleeping bags , camp stoves, a portable power pack, and a vacuum cleaner.

When embarking on a camping trip, it is advisable to take more supplies than you may need. You might have to stay longer due to bad weather, or you might want to stay longer because you are having such a ball. If you have the right tent, you will all be guaranteed a good night’s rest to energize you for the next day’s activities.

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