Starting out with a 10 Man Tent

Ideas on making your first holiday with your 10 man tent go off with out a hitch.

4 Ways to decide which 10 man tent is right for you at straight away! Do you need Pods or no? If so how big do you need them? How high do you need your tent to be so you can stand? If your tent is lighter in the day, what features does it have to make it dark at night? Is there any protection against bugs (essential)?

Before your first trip take out all the pieces, lay them out and check them out against a tick sheet that everything is all there. Better still pop up your 10 man tent for a dry run. Do this BEFORE you go on vacation. Then make a kit list for everything you need to take from bug spray to utensils. Take first aid kits and mosquito repellent.

The secret tent raising techniques. Find out when you purchase your tent that is it easy to put up. If possible purchase a tent with colour coded poles.

Apportion someone who knows what they are doing to put the tent up. Give chores to the kids or get someone to occupy them. Remain calm and take plenty of time to put up the tent. Reward yourself with a beer or chocky or a hearty dinner!

My 3 favourite points for camping newbies. OK who hasn’t tripped over the guy ropes – be honest! Some ropes are already marked these nowadays, if not put a coloured cloth on them so that you can see them. Pitch your tent so that rain and wind won’t drive into it every time you leave. Raise everything off the ground as it is apt to be cold and damp at night.

Three mistakes people make when putting up a tent. They don’t read the instructions and think they know how to do it – and they don’t! They have not tried it at home before they go away and don’t know where everything goes or even if it is all there. They arrive at the camping site late and in the rain to discover that there is a Triathlon in the town and all the best pitches are gone and they don’t have adequate time before dark to put up their fantastic new 10 man tent.

Learn more about 10 man tent . Stop by Zara Kindt’s site where you can find out all about 10 man tents and what it can do for you.