Canada Salmon Fishing Vacation Tips

Fishing can be a great hobby and an excellent way to spend your time. However, as you get better at it you’ll realize that catching those pint size fishes can get boring especially if you’ve ever gotten a big catch. One of the most popular fishes sought out when fishing is the salmon.

salmon are among the most well-liked fish that fishing aficionados look for because of their size and their flavor as well. One of the places that has made its name for such fishing is British Columbia, Canada. They don’t just have any regular type of salmon here; if you fish here you’re sure to be reeling in trophy salmon.

There are five different types of Pacific salmon, namely king/ chinook, pink/humback, red/sockeye, silver/coho and chum. If you’re fishing for a trophy salmon then there are two types that you will have your heart set on- king salmon and silver salmon. From their name alone, King salmon or Chinooks can tip the scale at up to seventy pounds while Silver Salmon or Coho are comparatively smaller in size but can still fetch up to twenty pounds.

Since salmon journey to their spawning places at just about the same time every year, it can be all about timing. If you come at the right time then you increase your chances of getting a big catch. Late June to mid September are the best months to be making your way to British Columbia to fish for these two varieties.

Timing is essential if you want to catch trophy salmon. Salmon travel back to their spawning places at approximately the same time each year. The months of late June to mid September are the best months to fish for these two types of salmon.

Like any other fishing district British Columbia has its own set of rules and regulations for you to follow if you’re going to be fishing there. This ensures that all marine life remain protected. The first thing that you will need to know is the fishing limit for each type of fish. Different areas have different limits for specific fish varieties.

It is only normal that you will want to keep the salmon that you catch. In order to do this, you will need to purchase a salmon conservation stamp. A salmon conservation stamp will allow you to keep your salmon trophy. Be reminded though that there is a limit which is usually four for non tidal areas.

A salmon conservation stamp is another thing that you will need when fishing for trophy salmon. This will allow you to keep the salmon that you catch. The daily conservation limit is four salmon. You must also remember to use only barbless hooks. Also, don’t forget to get your fish packed if you aren’t planning on transporting it whole.

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