Gamakatsu 64110 Treble Barbless Hook (7 Pack), Size 1, Bronze

Gamakatsu 64110 Treble Barbless Hook (7 Pack), Size 1, Bronze

  • Significantly increase you chances of landing the catch
  • Made environmentally friendly
  • Used by professional anglers worldwide
Gamakatsu is the leading fish hook manufacturer in Japan, and for that matter worldwide. Gamakatsu is constantly testing new materials and striving to improve their products which already set the standard for the rest of the industry. In 1992 Gamakatsu USA inc. was established to provide Gamakatsu brand hooks to the U.S. market, followed by SPRO, The Official Gamakatsu's exclusive agent, established in the Netherlands in 1994 to service the European market. - See more at:

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Shaddock Fishing 160pcs/box 7384 2X Strong Offset Sport Circle Hooks Black High Carbon Steel Fishing Hooks Sharp Octopus Fishing Hooks-Size:#1-5/0

  • 1. Package Included: 160pcs 7384 2X Offset Sharp Hooks in a Free Reusable Handy Box
  • 2. Size: 1#,1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0,5/0
  • 3. Color: Red, Black Anodized
  • 4. Trusted for Reliabilty, Durability, Strength and Highest Quality Angler Gear for All Types of Fisher
  • 5. Circle Hooks Gave a Pronounced Circular Bend, Short Shank and an Inward Bending Point. Many Fish will Swallow Bait, Resulting in Gut Hooking with Conventional Live Bait Hooks
Brand: Shaddock Fishing
Trusted for Reliabilty, Durability, and Strength
Quality and Field Tested to Ensure You Can Compete with The Best Octopus Circle Hooks 7384 2X
Package Included:
1#:20pcs Black
1/0:20pcs Black
1/0:20pcs Red
2/0:20pcs Black
2/0:20pcs Red
3/0:20pcs Black
4/0:20pcs Black
5/0:20pcs Black
Enjoy your fishing with our hooks set!

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