Tent Liners: Elegance at an Affordable Price

We must say that an event tent does not have tent liner is dull and boring. The tent liners lend unparalleled elegance to every tent in special events. The smooth style creates a luxurious ceiling that adds a rich shape and depth. In instances that you need to cover up an ugly upper framework of your tent, tent liners are the perfect product to purchase. Buying tent liners may be deceiving because almost anyone can try to post pictures of it when in fact it isn’t the item they will ship to your door. Thanks to Celina Tent, you won’t have to go anywhere else but only to their website. Their tent liners are made of 100% polyester that is a fire retardant material so you’ll be rest assured you are buying the right product. Above all, Celina Tent has varied tent liners that are designed for each tent style. They have tent liners for cross cable tent, frame tent and for pole tent liners.

Cross Cable Tent Liners

Cross Cable Tent Liners create a beautiful appearance inside a tent for every momentous event. When you need an economical way of making your old tent look brand new, tent liners are a must grab. These liners also give life to your tent’s interior ceiling because it does cover the unsightly look of the poles and fittings that are on the upper framework. The available sizes that we have for cross tables tent liners are 10×10, 15×15 and 20×20.

Frame Tent Liners

Frame Tent Liners are specifically designed for frame tents. These frame tent liners are perfect for parties that require elegance like weddings, company events and other special occasions. Because of the liners’ versatility, you can create a dramatic effect on the venue or a light aura as to what the occasion suggests. You won’t also have a hard time installing it because it is safe to install even at ground level.

Pole Tent Liners

If you think that pole tents don’t have a way to be installed with a tent liner, you are definitely wrong. Celina Tent does have liners, especially for pole tents. These are designed to accommodate most peak tent tops. These liners can be lifted from the top of the tents center poles and attaches easily to a sidewall rope line. These are tent liners are available on 10×10, 15×15 and 20×20 sizes.
Tent liners are just one important factor in beautifying a tent venue. When most of us think that these liners will just cost us a fortune, think first of the memories it can create and how the event will be a huge success with it.

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