Family camping essentials

Camping can be an excellent idea for a family holiday as children usually love the idea of being able to sleep outside and explore the wilderness. Even if you decide to stay at a pub campsite for your holidays, you’ll be able to get closer to nature and enjoy a weekend away that doesn’t cost the earth. Camping with kids isn’t necessarily easy though, so you should make sure you have all of the essentials before setting off.

For starters, you should check out some of the family tents that are available to see which one would best suit you. These tents can sleep a good number of people and will give everyone a bit of space, which is ideal when camping. Family tents usually come with separate bedrooms, which will definitely be called for if you have teenagers! You can get anything from four man to eight man family tents, so the whole family will fit in.

When you are looking at tents you might want to take a look at pop up tents. These tents can save you the hassle of building your tent from scratch. You simply have to pull a cord on these tents and fix the tent pegs in place to get it ready, so you can quickly get on with your camping adventure.

Along with your tent, you will also need some sleeping equipment. This should include a sleeping bag and a pillow, but if you want some additional comfort you could also get each member of the family an inflatable air bed, or even a camp bed. You should get yourself some cooking equipment too, so you can dish up some tasty food at the end of the day, and you shouldn’t leave without packing a first aid kit, some insect repellent and some dry shampoo.

If you are planning on going walking or cycling while you are camping it can be a good idea to get each member of your family a backpack or rucksack, which you can use to store some bottled water and a packed lunch in. You shouldn’t attempt to go walking without a compass and a map of the area, otherwise you could easily get lost.

Other essentials that you will need for your camping trip include torches for each family member, good walking boots for everyone and some camping furniture, such as a foldaway dining table and chair set. If you will be camping in good weather you should remember to take some sun cream, and a gazebo could come in handy as well.

You can get family tents and pop up tents for your camping trip by looking online.

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