Where To Fish For Crappie In Lake Scugog

Lake Scugog is a great place to fish for crappie. During the spring months you can fish the river mouths and in the river. You can fish with bobbers and jigs with some minnows for the best results. As soon as the ice breaks, you want to move to the mouths of the river and wait for the crappie to bite. The spring months are ideal for crappie fishing, but as you move into the summer months, you will see more crappie in the deeper parts of the lake.

During the winter is when you will catch the largest amount of crappie. When there is ice on the lake, you will find crappie in a feeding frenzy in the early hours of the morning and during the early night hours. You can fish near the waters bottom with tiny jigs or spoons and minnows. Use lightweight tackle because the crappies are light biters during the winter months.

For shore fishing, you can fish in the town of Port Perry by the park or you can fish the shoreline by the dock in Caesera. If you fish in Port Perry, you can fish the government dock by Water Street. If you get up by the causeway by highway 7, you can fish for crappie there, but you will find that this area is packed full of anglers trying to catch the fish. That area is probably the least enjoyable because you might have to wait in line for a spot. If you do go, try the area at night. That seems to be the best. The other two places seem to be popular, but there is room for everyone and not a lot of people head there.

The nice thing about fishing Lake Scugog is that there are boat rentals on the lake. You can choose to fish from shore, but you make have better luck catching the crappie from the boat. You are not limited in the areas that you can fish for crappie when you rent a boat or even take you r own boat. A boat does open up more windows of opportunity on the lake. You can look a t a map and see the underwater structures and you can see where the weed beds are located. The one thing you do not want to do on Lake Scugog is wade into the water anywhere. It is like sinking into quicksand in most areas.

Although fishing on Lake Scugog is great for crappie during the spring and summer months, do not be surprised if you catch something else while fishing on the lake. There are walleye, bass and perch to catch on this lake. During the winter, you will not only see huts everywhere, you will see white buckets filled with perch and walleye. This is a popular lake with a maximum depth of twenty-five feet and the shallows are about five feet. The bottom is a mud like quicksand that will sink you very fast.

The water is not clear or even clean. It is murky and muddy. The water is perfect for walleyes, perch and crappie. If you have a few hours to spare, you made even want to try your luck with the almighty muskie. It is a popular lake for fishing everything.

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