All About Fishing Equipment

If you are contemplating what to buy for your next fishing trip then there’s nothing like an honest fishing equipment review to help you choose the right tackle. There are plenty of reviews out there by fishing enthusiasts who have learnt by trial and error what they like in a fishing rod. The best type of reviews for those who are unsure of what fishing equipment to buy is from fellow fishermen who are simply putting their opinions out there on different types of fishing equipment.

All Purpose Rod

If you are looking for an all purpose rod that will last you for a long time then the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Fishing rods is just for you. These unconventionally named rods are great for those who are not so gentle with their fishing tackle. These rods can withstand some knocks and still help you sink a great catch.

Fishing equipment reviews point to this brand for a fishing enthusiast who knows what they are doing and likes to keep things simple. The only detraction to this rod is that it can feel a little stiff. If you are looking for a rod with more ‘feel’ then maybe this is not the rod for you.

Bargain Rod

If you are looking for a bargain then fishing equipment reviews will single out the Berkley Cherrywood two piece spinning rod. This is definitely a cheap rod but it performs very well. The feel is considered perfect by many fishing enthusiasts; it has the right amount of sensitivity.

Another plus is that this is an extremely lightweight rod. If you are one a tight budget then there is no beating the quality you will get with this rod at this price. It will also fold away easily into a trunk due to its design.


One of the best fishing equipment in terms of lures has got to be the Abu Garcia Tormentor lure. This product has consistently received good fishing equipment reviews. Many fishermen swear by this lure in fishing equipment reviews. This lure can be used when fishing for perch, salmon, bass, and trout.

The best thing about this lure is its versatility. It can be used in calm water as well as in waters with stronger currents. Another plus of this lure is that it can be cast quite far out even when weather conditions are windy. This is definitely something you should have in your fishing tackle box.

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