Bamboo Fly Rods For Serious Fisherman

Before we talk about fly rods, let’s take a really quick look at how to fly fish. You use the rod to gradually whip out the line using your arm in a whipping motion. You are targeting an area with your fly. Bamboo fly rods have just the right action to get this done.

Bamboo rods have been around for almost as long as fishing has been around. If you do an online search you can find not only information about bamboo fly rods, but how to care for them, how to make them, where to buy them, and you can even find antique rods for sale-some that were made before the first World War. The antique rods are not usually for use, but they would be a treasured part of any serious fly-fisherman’s collection.

Most fly fishermen are very serious to the sport. The art of fly fishing is debated hotly among enthusiasts. Fly fishing takes a great deal of techinque over regular fishing, and it takes practice and dedication to learn the intricacies of the sport. It is believed that you are pitting yourself more equally against the fish.

When learning how to fly fish, or if you have already been doing it for a while, having the right fly fishing rod is essential. There are several types of fly fishing rods on the market, and which one you choose to use is a matter of personal preference, your fly fishing style, and what you are most comfortable with.

Bamboo fly rods are traditional and very popular when you compare them to modern graphite type rods. They were introduced in the 1800’s according to many accounts. That actual date is debateable, but most experts agree.

Bamboo is considered a good choice because it contains both the stiffness and strength required for consistent action given the length of the rod. Tonkin bamboo, is the best bamboo used to make fly rods. It has a great fiber count that makes it best for flexing.

Originally, fly fishing rods were simply made from bamboo and split cane. But before bamboo was discovered for fly fishing, it was the tropical wood called greenheart which can be found in the province of Guangdong in China that was commonly used as the material for rods in fly fishing. Bamboo-made rods for fishing have retained its popularity despite the growing number of fiberglass and graphite-made rods. The reason behind this could very well fall on the grace and durability of bamboo materials. Bamboo or split cane rods are well known for their fine form, solid mass, strength and of course the grace it offers for fly fishers.

Another reason why bamboo-made rods are still being used today is because the process of selecting, crafting and finishing one rod takes a long time and the quality it gives is unquestionable. For advanced fly fishers, bamboo rods are often chosen over the ones made out of fiberglass or graphite because the time consumed and dedication that a rod maker gives is already a statement of quality and assurance.

The thing about fly rods made of bamboo is that they are really expensive. Quality rods can run up to over $ 2000. You can get a composite rod usually cheaper than a natural made bamboo rod. But this status symbol is a prize for serious fishing.

When it comes to casting, bamboo rods give you the feel that makes fly fishing fun. Once you get your hands on a natural rod, you usually don’t want to use anything else. Try one of these rods and feel the difference.

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