Decorating The Cabin-Style Way

Every time you visit a log cabin, it’s probably very tempting to take the whole rustic package with you, pine trees, wood smell and all. The rustic aesthetic is perfect if you want to get an outdoorsy feel that’s still comfortable and inviting at the end of a tiring day. Believe it or not, it’s a very budget-friendly style to duplicate in your home because a good number of the necessary items can be bought for cheap.

A log cabin-inspired theme is a down to earth design. There is no need for sophisticated furnishings or expensive items. In fact, the more rustic the look, the more suited to this theme. Natural items are used, which is not at all hard given the abundance of natural things around us like plants, flowers, wood and leaves. The colors too are laidback, mostly in earth tones of greens, blues, browns and blacks, as well as some hints of the rich shades of red, orange and yellow. Aren’t you just reminded of colorful autumn, cheery spring, bright summer and understated winter?

Any hardware store or home decor specialty shop knows the color scheme for a cabin style interior, thus looking for the right colors won’t be too difficult. There are also color sample cards that you can check to see if it’s the color you prefer.

Furniture pieces are a very important element when you’re creating the rustic look. Try to get wooden furniture as much as possible for this project so that you get to stick to the theme. You can highlight your rustic aesthetic by looking for pieces that look unfinished, such as those with odd twigs sticking out or sections of bark still present. Accessories like old snowshoes, hunting relics and an ax or two will really bring out the theme and make it more apparent.

Log cabins are mostly furnished with wood materials. The wooden furniture create the homely and rustic look of the place. Anything outdoorsy too make apt decorations, such as fishing poles and hunting relics.

The floor is also made of hardwood. Because genuine wood can be expensive, you can go for any materials that resemble wood. Not to worry because when adorned with some area rugs, even the cheapest hardwood floor will look good. The rugs add to the comforting ambiance of the space, especially if the colors also range from the warm earth tones to the richness of autumn colors.

Don’t forget to decorate the floor with area rugs in earth colors. The flooring should ideally be in hardwood, but otherwise, area rugs will still be able to add to the appeal of the place. No need for loud designs or big patterns. A solid color in dark or light tone, depending on the mood you want to have will do. Get a larger rug to accommodate a furniture set like the sofa and dining table sets for a more homely look.

A cabin theme is nothing short of transforming your place into a homely abode. Whether it’s the hot summer months or the cold winter season, coming home and relaxing will surely be one of life’s simple pleasures.

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