The Skinny On Bass Fishing Lures

The low-down on bass fishing lures is that there are thousands and thousands to choose from. And the way you label one as being the best, is by counting the bass you have managed to catch with it. If you are consistently catching fish, then you have a good lure. We all are aware that some lures will work better in specific fishing holes than others. It is always nice when your old dependables are not quite getting it done, to switch to something new and change the day.

I have fished a lot of farm ponds, and I have a lure that has brought me many days of good success catching bass. It is the black jitterbug. I found that about an hour before dark when everything gets still, and an hour after daylight, the bass will absolutely tear this thing up. So it is at the top of my favorite list. But if you poll a hundred fisherman, I may be the only one. It is based on MY success.

Next to my black jitterbug I place the old pork rind. The action from these is good and so have my results been. I am not in favor of the green ones that are full of whit spots, but I am indeed big on the black ones that show a little purple-colored stripe along the tails on the outside. I have had lots of good days using these lures and hauling in some very nice bass. You can hang one on a spinner bait for some good fishing as well.

I have heard a lot of fishermen brag on the Hula popper. I myself have not experienced very much luck with those. I hardly ever see a tackle box without one, except for mine, but my success with them is indeed minuscule. I like the way they look and the action on top of the water, but it is the success that I am after, and I never found it here.

There is hardly no bass fisherman who has not taken advantage of the Rapala shiner. This classic lure has been pulling in bass for a long time. It has good action and I like the way it floats up when you let up on the line. This makes it easy to manipulate and dance across logs and around brush. You can work it to make it look crippled or injured, and really attract bass.

I have found one that I keep on the back burner for those days when nothing seems to be working. And trust me, you will have those days. It is the rubber crawfish. This bait has brought me bass when none of my favorites were doing anything but wearing me out casting and reeling in. It has saved the day for me many times. So it always keeps a spot in my tackle box.

The low-down on bass fishing lures is this, if you have managed to make one work for you, then add it to your favorites. Never let yourself get talked out of using one simply because another fishermen had bad luck with it. They are as plentiful and unique as the fishermen themselves. So use your own judgement, and find your own niche. Successful fishermen do what works for them.

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