Things to Consider Before Purchasing Kids Sleeping Bag

If you love outdoor activities, chances are you could have come across and purchased different sporting equipments for your active lifestyle needs. What would influence your purchase? Different people have different answers in mind. Here I would like to guide you through some of the tips before making a purchase. It can be quite an experience to purchase one of them, especially if you are flooded with so many choices around.

The very first question is to understand thoroughly the purpose of the kid sleeping bags. A silly question maybe? You bet. Sleeping bags for kids do not only serve good purpose during outdoors (especially camping), but it is also very handy for slumber parties or overnight stays with friends or relatives. In general, if you are planning for a couple of nights’ stay in the camp or forest, try to look for one with high portability and durability. There are many famous names with well-known durability that you can choose from, and you can take a look at some of them in a separate section on this site. On the other hand, if you are using them indoors you may have more options at relatively lower prices. And yeah – more design choices for your kids too, as I am sure every kid wants a fancy and unique design of their own.

After some thoughtful considerations about the purpose, you should now consider the temperature rating factor, which I think is as equally as important. The temperature rating refers the maximum ambient temperature such that a sleeping bag still keeps you (or your kids) warm or cold. The reason why this is so important is because there is little or none at all that are suitable across summers and winters. Again, it is definitely worth considering the “purpose” – in this case, when exactly in a year that your kid sleeping bags will be used. If they are often used for outdoor activities such as camping, it is advisable to get a lower temperature rating. However, it usually does not matter if you use them indoors most of the time. While some may think that the temperature rating numbers are only estimates from the manufacturer and make little sense, it is still a useful general guide on how you can expect how they can perform under different temperatures. In addition to that, the temperature handling capability will tend to degrade over time. Nevertheless, to avoid getting one that is either too hot in summer or too cold in winter, consider the temperature rating before making any purchases.

Another consideration to make for kids sleeping bag purchase is to look at various different designs. There are many different designs available in the market; however they can be categorized in two general groups: mummy and rectangular bags. Mummy sleeping bag got its name for the fact that it closely resembles the shape of the Egyptian mummy. It is usually narrower on the foot and has a wide opening on the head. It provides better “wraparound” feel to the kids and insulated warmth more effectively. The immediate drawback is that there are fewer spaces inside to move around and some find it cramped being inside. Rectangular bags, on the other hand, are named in such a way for the same reason as mummy bags – they are rectangular in size. The characteristics of a typical rectangular sleeping bag are somewhat opposite of what a mummy has: it offers more room in the inside and some people favor this, at the expense of lesser capability to insulate warmth inside it. As you may already be aware, rectangular bags tend to be larger and heavier that mummy bags. Regardless of the design, do also pay some attention on the user-friendliness of the bags’ designs. This could include the location and opening of the zippers, the weight and size after compression and storage, and so on.

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