Complete Hook, Line & Threader Kits. Choose from 6 Different Hook Sizes (#4 Kit) Reviews

Complete Hook, Line & Threader Kits - Choose from 7 Hook Size Kits (#4 Hook Kit)

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  • Aircraft Strength Aluminum Threader
  • Perfect for still fishing, casting, trolling & ice fishing
  • Bait will not fly off while casting, possible to catch several fish with one live minnow.
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Designed to allow anglers to place a hook in the preferred place in live bait fish and artificial soft plastic bait. The unique design of the threader allows anglers to follow the intestinal trace to a I've baitfish from the mouth to the anal opening! Done correctly, the baitfish lives for hours and swims naturally. Save Money on Soft Plastic Baits and place the hook where the fish strike with ease!

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