Fishing Lures Do Fishing Lures Attract More Fish

Recreational fishing relies most on the use of fishing lures.

They are objects attached at the end of the line and they are designed to look like the prey of the fish that you want to catch.

Color, vibration, movement and shape, all influence the capture as such.

Without the fishing lures attached to the lines, the bait could remain invisible for the fish. All fishing lures come with a hook at the end onto which fishermen attach the bait.

Once the fishing lures play their part, the fish gets hooked.

With the help lures, hiding fish are also attracted out of their hidings becoming an easier prey.

This is done by casting and retrieving the lures progressively, and such movements make the lures appear to be swimming. The lure often reflects light contributing to attracting the fish even further.

Several categories describe fishing lures according to the design and the purpose they serve.

The jig as a first mention consists of a lead hook with a sharp tip onto which artificial or natural bait is placed. The bait is shaped in a such a way so as to resemble a worm, a craw-fish or a minnow.

Then come the surface fishing lures, a bit lighter than the jigs they float on water looking very much like surface prey.

Last but not least, the spawn fishing lures have been created for surface fishing; their shiny thin surface attracts the attention of the fish that mistake them for spawn.

Another category is that of plugs or crank-baits; these fishing lures are designed to move at faster speeds and to go back and forth exactly as fish prey would.

In the popular group of artificial baits, bass worms and flies are extensively used.

As for popularity, fishing lures have been with human beings since the beginnings of history.

The change results from the possibility to manufacture the lures artificially; they are made of plastic, wood, metal, rubber or cork.

In a way, the decreased use of smaller fish species as baits poses no longer a threat for the survival of such small-sized specimens; consequently, the food chain will remain unaltered if regular living baits are used restrictively.

Last but not least, with recreational fishing, caught and released fish have better chances of survival if artificial fishing lures are used.

The hooks attached to the fishing lures are not very dangerous for the fish and do not harm the mouth as deep as the old type hook varieties used to.

Therefore, more and more fish survive after being released by sport fisherman.

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