Jasmine 34007 Classic O’ Shaughnessy Stainless Steel Forged Hook 2/0

Jasmine 34007 Classic O' Shaughnessy Stainless Steel Forged Hook 2/0

  • Classic Long Shack Fishing Hooks.
  • Size: 2/0
  • Saltwater Fishing hook
  • Model Number: 34007
  • Quantity: 50pcs/lot
1)Forged and Constructed of Stainless Steel
2)Shank, Bend, Point and Barb Are All in the Same Plane with no Offset which makes 34007 a Great Choice for a Trolled or Retrieved Lure.
3)Before Being Tempered the Hooks Are Forged, Which in This Context Means That The Hook Wire is a Bit Vompressed. By Doing This, The Strength of The Hook is Increased By Over 30%!
4)Model Number: 34007

List Price: $ 10.99 Price: $ 10.99