Need Advice On How To Care With Your Camping Sleeping Bags

It does not need to take much effort to prolong the life of your camping sleeping bags. With only a few simple guidelines you will have a sleeping bag that will last many years when you go camping. First thing to remember is always to keep your sleeping bag dry. A wet sleeping bag is worth next to nothing when it comes to keeping you warm. Should you be out of luck and should you get your camping sleeping bag wet it is very important that you dry the bags very well and let them hang to get aired thoroughly. Camping sleeping bags loose loft when they get wet. Loft is the measure which is used to measure the puffiness of the bag and with that comes the ability to keep you warm.

Washing your camping sleeping bags is not recommended even though it might be dirty. If you really have to you should try with spot cleaning first with a sponge and mild soap which in most cases will do but again you might need to go all the way and wash the bag.

I am sure you have your camping sleeping bags because you tend to use them with any wear and tear it might go through. With a small effort and a bit of thinking you can make sure your sleeping bag will last longer. When you are out camping it is almost impossible not to get your sleeping bag dirty. At night maybe even the night dew will make your clothes moist but if you have the possibility then try to look out for the bag and get rid of all the dirt and make sure no moist gets inside your camping sleeping bag because eventually that will ruin the sleeping bag liner and also reduce loft!

The best way to make sure you are not dirty or your clothes are not moist at all would be if you could wear long under-wears and a long sleeved shirt. This will also prevent that vapor from you when you are sleeping in the bare nothing to penetrate the sleeping bag liner and this way ruin your favorite camping sleeping bag.

Watch out when you tug up close to the camp fire because even though sleeping bags have requirements to meet a minimum of flame resistance getting to close might end up with big flames!

The best way to store your camping sleeping bags when not used is not in a small compact sack. You would be better of if you could find a place where your sleeping bag could hang or be loosely folded and not be compressed because a compressed sleeping bag will reduce loft over time. It is also recommended to airing your sleeping bag every day when you are out camping.

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