Basic camping sleeping bags caring

To prolong the life of your camping sleeping bags you only need to follow a few simple guidelines and you will have a sleeping bag lasting for many, many years to come. Always make sure to keep your sleeping bag dry if possible. In worst case scenario when it gets wet let it air dry thoroughly. It might take time but eventually it is the best thing to do if you want to be sure not to reduce loft (Loft is the measure and ability to keep you warm and is measured by the puffiness/thickness of a sleeping bag).

This also means trying not to wash your camping sleeping bags to often. For some this might seem impossible because you use it outside when camping but with a little effort I am sure you can manage not having your sleeping bag washed every time you have been out camping. In the end if you have to wash/clean your bag try out with a sponge and some mild soap first before using the washer. If you do wash your sleeping bag make sure you give it time to dry thoroughly and make sure it gets some fresh air. Some people might want to dry clean the sleeping bags but I can not recommend this.

Camping sleeping bags are there to be used but caring a bit when you go to sleep will prolong the bags lifetime. Dirt and moist inside a bag is no good when you go to sleep and is no good for the sleeping bag. First of all it will ruin the sleeping bag liner and eventually get through to the insulation and again reduce loft.

I would recommend wearing long under wears and a long sleeved shirt to make sure you get the best result on caring. Do not forget when you sleep your body gets rid off loads of water in the form of vapor and with the dry clothes to catch this it will not end up inside the bag which means caring for your camping sleeping bags .

The fastest and maybe easiest way to get rid of your camping sleeping bags are what many people actually do! They get to close to the camp fire and that will in many cases result in small holes or in worst case a big fire. Sleeping bags has to meet a minimum of flame resistance but not that much – just remember when you are out there sitting around the camp fire.

The last thing which most people tend to forget is storing your camping sleeping bags the right way. When you get to camp or when you are finished camping and get home make sure to get your sleeping bag out and let it get some air. Do not as most people do stuff your camping sleeping bag in a tight container or bag. Leave it in a place where it has space to “breathe”. Leaving your sleeping bag compressed for a longer period will reduce loft.

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