Summer Gifts For Outdoor Fun

The temperature has been rising since the Fourth of July. The hot months of summer are upon us. The summer season offers blue sky and plenty of opportunities to play outdoors: in the park, on the beach, or in our own backyard. Hence, when we send gifts to our friends and loved ones for their birthdays, anniversary, or other celebrations during the dog days of summer, we should consider the hot weather and the favorite activities of the recipients. This article provides some summer gift ideas in accordance with the activities that the recipients enjoyed.

When selecting your gifts, it is important to keep in mind that gifts such as chocolates that are great during other seasons are not recommended for shipping during summer. There is no guarantee that the chocolates will not melt even with added ice and heat protectant in packaging. So instead of sending a gift of the recipient’s favorite food, it may be better to send a gift focused on the activities the recipient enjoy instead.

For example, summer is busy and enjoyable time for gardeners. They are busy caring for and maintaining their garden in full bloom. For the avid gardener in your life, you can send a gardening gift. Inside the basket are gardening tools, cloth gardening gloves for hand protection, foam kneepad for planting, packets of seeds, watering can, ice tea mix, and gourmet snacks. Some may even contain a wooden birdhouse, a ceramic decorative plaque, or a book of wisdom for the gardener. Some gardening gifts have their contents filled in a tote instead of a basket, such that the gardener can carry all her tools in the tote while working in the garden. The gardening gift will be a most welcomed gift for your mom, wife, sister, or other female recipient who are avid gardeners.

Summer is time for picnic in the park, sitting on the green grass, listening to the birds, and watching the kids play. Picnic basket filled with all the fine food one will need for picnic in the park would make a great gift. One such basket contains smoked salmon, summer sausage, wheat wafer, veggie dip, cheese spread with cheese knife, breadsticks, and short bread cookies. Your recipients will appreciate your great taste when this gift arrives.

Summer is also time for barbeque by the pool, in the park, or in the backyard. Barbeque gift baskets are popular summer gifts, especially for men. Men are usually proud masters of the grill. Send a bbq gift basket filled with barbeque utensils, sauce and seasonings, gourmet treats, and BBQ recipe cards. Give him the opportunity to show off his mastery of the grill, and share the fun with the family.

Summer is time for outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, motor cycling, camping, and hiking. There are gifts especially designed for these activities. For example, for the golfer in your life, you can send a golf gift filled with treats for the golf course and treats to eat. One of these gifts is filled with golf-theme treats including golf tees, birdie pack, greens keeper turf kit, golfers fortune cookies, golf ball magnet, golf coffee mug, summer sausage, hot pepper cheese and other snacks. Your recipient will be delighted with this special golf-theme gift, both on and off the course. Golf gifts for lady golfers are also available. For the fisherman in your life, you can send a fishing gift box with a built-in compartment organizer and see-through lid. Inside the box are items that can really be used for a fishing trip, including a safety key chain with compass, whistle, and flashlight, multi-function stainless steel pocket knife, fishing floats /bobbers, and fishing lures . Some gourmet snacks are tucked inside the box for the avid fisherman to enjoy. If your recipient enjoy these outdoor activities, you may want to consider selecting these gifts.

Summer is time for the man of the house to work on projects such as outdoor Painting, and other maintenance chores. If you want the to do list to be completed sooner, it will help to send him a men at work gift box along with yourto do list. Inside the paint bucket are packed with pistachios, jelly beans, cheese dips, cookies, along with a gift card from a home improvement company.

Lastly, summer is the time for vacatons. If you are invited to stay in your friend’s house for a vacation, don’t forget to send a thank you gift to the host family afterwards. It makes good etiquette to send a thank you gift to show your appreciation of their thoughtfulness. Some of these thank you gift basket have thank you imprinted on ribbon and on boxes of treats. They will sure receive your message of appreciation clearly.

In summary, summer is time to enjoy favorite outdoor activities such as gardening, picnic, barbeque, golfing, fishing, camping and hiking. There are gifts with special theme on these activities. Send summer gifts accordingto your recipient’s favorite activity, and share the fun.

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