Discover what is Great About St Croix Rods

Boy, times have changed!:With modern day technology, fishing st croix rods are a sophisticated piece of hunting material appear in sizes from two feet to twenty and are specialized for types of water as well as the kind of fish you are trying to catch. Line guides and a reel carry your fishing line neat and orderly so you do not tangle it up.

If you are looking to fish for small to medium sized fish you will enjoy a light action pole. These poles are not too long and and are very light. They are easy to hold up for hours because they do not weigh much. I found this out when I recently got one myself and compared to my heavy action pole it is amazing just how light it is. It is perfect if you are aiming to catch small fish. The line ratings on this class is 2-6 pounds and that is really all these poles can handle. I caught a few 3 and 4 pound bass on mine and the little thing struggles.

Rules to obey when buying rods:

1. Always purchase rods from a excellent dealer

2. Never let a salesman talk you into a rod just for the reason that they say it’s the best of the best.

3. Without exception ask another anglers what they like to use and why. Get lots of opinions for the type of fishing you are going to do.

4. Don’t purchase half-priced equipment. Always purchase the best you can afford without endangering your finances. This amusement can get expensive so don’t spend the mortgage money on fishing supply.

5. Without exception read fishing brochure and look for survey that cover the st Croix rods you are interested in

6. At no time purchase used gear without grasp what you are buying. The person is selling it for a reason, find out that reason. It may be a design flaw in the rod.

7. If you are buying a custom st Croix rod, have it made by a reputable st Croix rods builder, one who has a reputation of excellence and knows about the type of fish you will be fishing for. Make sure they use quality parts and assemblies. I.e: any person can make a cheap rod nowadays.

8. Have amusing. Don’t let this get so bound that you forget to have fun, this is an amusing hobby and brings enjoyment to millions all over the world.

It is also important to consider the practical element of transportation, because many st Croix rods are now available in two parts. Although some degree of sensitivity and control is sacrificed, it is minimal, and will certainly not be noticed by a beginner.

Surf st Croix rods tend to be the longest fishing rods , and they are usually quite heavy in construction and weight too. They are long to assist in casting bait and sinkers/tackle from the beach out into the surf. Also, you can catch quite large fish with surf rods (maybe even shark) so a st Croix rods with plenty of strength is required. Surf rods are designed for eggbeater reels, overhead/conventional reels and side cast reels. They are typically 3m to 4.2 m in length.

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