Cool The Heat Down With These Coolers

Summer fun and cool cold drinks! That’s an explosive combination. The secret to a cool summer is having along with you personalized coolers on road trips, beach parties, and camping.

Different Cooler Strokes

Coolers are the best invention. Can you imagine outdoor parties, tailgate parties, and camping events without this mini-fridge? Coolers are among the popular choices for outdoor party freaks. These are engineered to keep cold drinks and food cold for hours and they look cool in fun party colors.

Igloo Cooler

Igloo water coolers were first introduced to the market in the 1940s, and they’ve come a long way since. The first type were Steel Cooler(s), but have since evolved. The earliest of these coolers was a giant sea chest, which could hold 155 quarts of water or juice. Today’s Igloo coolers come with swing up handles, wheels, and hatches. There are even models made with heavy-duty wheels, for handling on rough terrain.

You can buy today’s Igloo coolers in a variety of styles, including duffel can coolers, Eucalyptus bag coolers that you can drain (since these have a drain plug), and bench coolers, too. Backpack coolers with pockets are also available from Eucalyptus. There are a variety of options and choices, more than you may have ever thought available.

This company offers a one-year warranty with their products, except for Ice Substitutes and Icy Tunes. With the latter two models, you can still get a 90-day warranty, however. If there’s ever a problem with the cooler during its warranty, parts can be replaced or the problem fixed. You should have the model and number of the cooler handy so that you can get the correct replacement part.

The company swears on the quality of their products. The plastic coolers are engineered to withstand long exposure to heat. These won’t easily dent, warp, or chip. The coolers use high-density polyethylene for its exterior body and the interior is lined with FDA-grade polypropylene. For insulation, the company uses its own blend of polyurethane foam.

Zalman Cooler

Zalman has unique coolers, and the Zalman Company uses forced convection cooling. Its second-generation Reserator 2 optimizes performance and has a fan free cooling system for silent operation. It has a radiator, pump and reservoir.

It is equipped with a visual alarm that alerts you to the flow control. The sleek Reserator is backed with a VGA waterblock and an anodized aluminum radiator. The gold-plated CPU waterblock adds a nice look. With this cooling system for CPUs, the summer won’t be a bother or a threat to CPU performance and function.

With these coolers, you can always have the best of summer at work or at play. For your cooling needs, check out these brands. It also pays to find out what other brands are up to so you can compare performance, quality, and prices.

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