How to get the Perfect Family Tent

It can be quite difficult to get the best family tent that is available on the market as there are several tent features and designs. Just as with anything, we all have different views on what we consider to be the best family tent for us, in the end it all comes down to what you consider the most suitable for the unique needs of your family.

Here are some basic tips on what to consider when shopping for your new family tent. The space you need is an important factor when you plan to buy a family tent. Usually, they have a recommended maximum capacity, but this should be regarded with precaution. It is preferable to go one or even two person less. Thus, a 7 person tent should be regarded more as a tent for 5, maximum 6 person tent.

Check for the tent to have sufficient porch, living space, sleeping area and one for cooking. It is important to have adequate space for all these activities for a fun and stress free holiday.

Don’t forget that clothes and the cooking equipment also require some space and thus, it should be added to the space requirement of the tent.

Choose a waterproof tent and also check for the tent to include properly shut doors and well-sewn seams. You don’t want to get wet inside the tent when it rains outside or for stronger winds to collapse your family tent.

The weight of the tent is important only if you have to carry it with you for a longer distance and not next to your car. So, based on where you generally pitch the tent, choose a lighter or heavier one.

Luckily, most family tents that are currently available on the market are easy to put up. Allow about 30 minutes for most family tents, although there are family tents that can be easily put up a lot quicker.

Obviously, it is recommended to first pitch the tent at home in your backyard and not straight on the campsite. Thus, you’ll know how much it takes to put it up and it will be a lot easier and quicker to set up the tent.

These are the main required features for a perfect family tent and also the premises for a fun and relaxing family holiday.

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