3 Great two person tents

The tent that is most sold is the two person tent. These tents are usually very easy to manage and fits both one and two persons. For hikers and campers they are ideal because they fit well in a backpack. You would have to expect to pay somewhere in the region of three hundred dollars and up for a two person tent.

There are thousands of tent companies who boast of the best two person tents. You may be easily beguiled by any one of them and end up with a tent that is really not so great. Therefore we are here to help. We will take you through all the details and the pricing of the best tents that are available in the market.

To start of the list we have chosen a tent from Marmot. It is called the Equinox. This is a tent that you would expect to buy about 250 dollars for, quite cheap actually. Of course you can buy the tent online and might find even better prices. The tent weighs about six pounds and eleven ounces. If this tent were a little lighter, it would be the best two person tent you can buy.

The added weight is there for a reason however. The equinox has as much as forty square feet of floor space. It also has double doors, one in each end of the tent. In fact, it comes with a handy dog door that dog lovers would find very useful. Ventilation is also very good compared to other tents, and it is built in a way that makes it good in hard weather.

Sierra Designs also has a tent that makes it into our list. The tent is named Meteor Light and is a tent that weighs six pounds and ten ounces. It has a shape that is similar to the Equinox. Meteor Light has a bid door with a vestibule one one of the sides.

It is the best classic tent that is freestanding and definitely a two person tent. The tent boasts vertical sides and loads of mesh for good ventilation. The rain fly is an added advantage and can be taken off to gaze at the stars on a clear night.

We conclude our guide of our favorite two person tents with Mountain Hardwears Light Wedge 2. This tent is a very good deal, costing you only $ 225 but binging some very nice features.

You would have to look long and hard to find a two person tent of this quality at a better price. But the price is not its only strength, it weighs only five pounds and ten ounces. If we had to fin anything that this tent is bad at, it has to be its floorspace.

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