Selecting RIO Fly Line Is No Easy Task

A RIO fly line is among the top fly lines obtainable and they come in a variety of different styles to suit any situation. The best thing about these lines is that they are not just generalized. Rather, each line has been created for the exact conditions that you may encounter. For this reason, it is very important to carefully select a line. Whether you require a line for specific water types, environments, casting styles, species of fish, there is a variety of line that matches this need.

First, you need to know if you will be using a single or double handed rod before you select your RIO fly line. You will additionally need to know whether you will be spending your time in saltwater or freshwater. The type of fish you are trying to catch and the specific conditions of the environment where you will be fishing will also verify the type of line you need. And at last, will you require a line that sinks, floats or has a sinking tip? Being aware of all of these things will help you pick out the fly line that you require.

If you are fishing in freshwater, the RIO Gold is the all-around type of line that many fly fishers like. However, if you need a fast action line, then the Grand is the better choice. If you need to be a little sneaky for some easily skittish fish the CamoLux can offer you what you need. However, for fishing below the surface you might prefer the Hover line.

For saltwater fishing, the Rio fly line that serves as an generalized go to line is the Rio Saltwater. This line comes with a protective coating that allows it to float but it is also good for those occasions when you have to throw into the wind. But if you need a sturdy, sinking line for big fish, the Leviathan is what you need.

So when you need to pick out a RIO fly line, make sure you know all of the information you need to pick out the best one for your fishing scenario, unless you just want to use the all-purpose lines. It might not be a big deal if you are just fishing for fun; however, if you are competing, you will be regretful if you choose the wrong line. There are many more choices for lines than those that are listed here. You would not believe how many choices you truly have. However, your success can largely be determined by choosing the appropriate type of line, so be sure to think about what you need before you make your decision.

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