Hoquiam Fishing – Salmon and Perch

Need to relax and have a quite time by yourself or just a few of your buddies, if your into nature and specifically fishing then you might want to consider what the river Hoquiam and the coast has to offer in terms of sights, sounds and some fishing action. Angling is a well recommended way of reducing stress and is a good meditative activity for both young and old.

If you get to Hoquiam town you might want to ask around for some local help in getting to the better spots for angling along the Hoquiam River. The species that you most likely will encounter are steelhead smolts, Coho Salmon and Chinook, with the steelheads stocked from hatcheries and the Salmon coming in during the fall season. The river is not a sporting fisherman’s dream location but is rather a decent enough spot for some quite, recreational fishing.

In the fall season, the Hoquiam River offers good Salmon fishing opportunities both for Chinook and Coho Salmon. Make yourself aware of local fishing regulations specifically for Salmon and do try to secure the most current salmon fishing rules since some changes may have been made from season to season.

Anglers in Hoquiam have been most recently limited to the use of single, barbless hooks during the fall salmon season. As in all areas managed or overseen by fish and wildlife, strict regulations are enforced and various penalties and sanctions can be imposed if you are found to be in violation of such rules and regulations, so it is prudent to ask and or research first on such details before enjoying Hoquiam’s fish and wildlife adventures.

Chinook and Coho like all salmon are migratory fish that spawn in fresh water but grow and live most of their lives in the ocean. The amazing thing about salmon is their ability to find the exact freshwater rivers where they were laid as eggs and fertilized, swimming against the current to spawn and in most species die.

The Hoquiam waterfront offers fishing adventures also, aside from the other possible water activities that can be done in this marine environment. Fish that can be had in the area are perch, striped sea perch and other fish that inhabit the historical pilings of the piers and various abutments that litter the entire waterfront. Those who are seeking a more challenging species can go after sea-run cutthroats that give more fight but be mindful of the regulations when taking in your catch since only fish that are fourteen inches in length can be taken and a maximum of two fish a day can be taken home. The rest should be catch and release to maintain healthy breeding numbers.

If you are interested in visiting the Hoquiam River, you might also want to stay in the famous Hoquiam Castle bed and breakfast, a national historical site and declared as one of the most beautiful homes in the United States, there is also the Polson Museum a restored mansion belonging to one of the former lumber barons during Hoquiam City’s hey day as a lumber and shingle producer. The museum houses the history and heritage of Hoquiam, something that the people of Hoquiam are very proud of. Hoquiam is also home to the world famous Loggers Playday that celebrates the lumber towns heritage, especially the skills and competence of the lumberjacks that share a long history in both sweat and blood with the city and its people.

You can easily get to Hoquiam River by following the 28th street going to the boat ramp near the mouth of the river itself.

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