Tips on Choosing the Best Family Tent For Your Next Camping Trip

It’s no secret that camping can be a relaxing and enjoyable vacations, but if you don’t have the best family tent for your families size, it can soon turn into a disaster!

Nowadays, increasingly more people cannot afford going on holidays, due to the economic crisis and tight money. Major tourist destinations offer guestrooms and vacation packages in high prices, making it impossible for families to afford them. A great solution for people who wish to go on holidays, without paying exorbitant prices for various services, is camping. Then only thing you need is to buy a tent, big enough to accommodate the entire family. Choosing a family tent is not hard, provided that you know what you are looking for.

Obviously, the most important issue related to buying a new tent is the size. The best family tent will be large and spacious enough so as to accommodate you and your family easily. Remember that the weather is all important when it comes to camping and a rainy day or two can have your entire family stuck inside the tent. It’s during these times that you will be thankful you go the largest tent you could afford!

Keep in mind that tent sizes depend on the amount of people who are using it; therefore, if you intent to stay in a tent with 3 more people, you should buy a tent that can accommodate more than four people, so as to have extra space for the gear. You need to make sure that your stay is going to be comfortable and easy; you definitely don’t want your kids to hate their holidays due to inconveniences and discomfort.

You also want to consider the standing room. Most large tents have plenty of headroom which is great because it allows you to easily be able to change while standing up – believe me when I tell you there is nothing more frustrating then trying to put your PJ’s on while laying down in the tent!

Also, think about getting a tent that has privacy flaps so you can section it off into different rooms. While a family camping trip can be all about togetherness, sometimes enough is enough and not having to stare at everyone else while you are trying to sleep can give you a little bit of needed privacy.

In addition, you need to ensure that the tent is easy to setup. The easier you can set it up, the better. Make sure that you won’t need to spend a few hours trying to work out what goes where. Buy a tent with fewer poles, because they are usually much easier.

Finally, you should make sure that the tent is relatively light. When going camping you have quite many things with you, therefore you need to travel as light as possible – this applies to the tent as well. You should also make sure that the tent is durable enough; do not buy a tent that is cheap but won’t last for more than one summer.

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