Best Fly Fishing Spots in the United States

Fly fishing is a distinct angling method, used mostly for catching trout and salmon. Fly fishing is an exciting and sometimes challenging pastime. Those who participate in fly fishing know that half of the fun and interest is learning new ways to fly fish, as well as learning about new equipment like bamboo fly fishing rods, new and more effective artificial flies, as well as better line. Once you have all of your equipment lined up, you may be wondering which places in the United States are the best areas for fly fishing. Take a look at our guide, and then head out on your own adventure.

Nakalilok Bay, Alaska: This gorgeous area in unprecedented Alaska. A give for great fly fishing, it can be hard to get there. The Nakalilok Bay airport is only open a few hours a day, but it’s worth the trouble. You’ll catch perfect silver salmon while enjoying some of America’s best wildlife.

Henry’s Fork, Idaho: The beautiful scenery at Henry’s Fork is unsurpassed. Found in the Island Park region of Idaho, you’re sure to reel in some great trout catches. In fact, it is considered one of the greatest trout streams in the world! It stretches for nearly fifty miles, giving you lots of room to fish and find new places where the fish are biting.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts: Martha’s Vineyard isn’t often thought of for its great fishing. But it affords perfect striped bass and is a great place for beginners to bring their bamboo fly fishing rods to try them out for the first time. You’re sure to catch something around mid-May, when fishing is at its best.

Green River, Utah: The Green River fishery could be the best tailwater fishery in the entire U.S. It holds nearly thirty miles of water for your fishing and enjoyment. The gorgeous red rock scenery doesn’t hurt, either! You’ll want to fish for some massive trout in this river and you’ll find them.

Upper Delaware River, New York: This is one of the best rivers in the east. Don’t think you have to travel west to get all of the big fish; you can catch beautiful rainbow trout right in New York. Temperatures remain cool all year round, bringing fish from miles and it’s not farther than 150 miles from New York City. A great getaway if you’re itching to get out in the wilderness to do your fly fishing.

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