Things to Know When Cooking at Campsites

KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – is great when you’re camping, but you can still treat yourself to a little outdoor luxury by expanding some of your camp kitchen accessories.

Instead of bringing instant coffee, you could purchase a reliable coffee maker. Percolators are common, drip style portable models are also available, or you could indulge in a portable espresso maker. You’d be surprised what’s available to add a little luxury to your camp coffee drinking. If this is out of the question, the flavored instant coffees available are also a treat. Remember to bring that hot chocolate mix, too. A mocha made with regular instant coffee and hot chocolate is satisfying as well.

For the wine drinkers, there are shock-proof wine glasses. A quality stainless steel travel mug or thermos can be a real asset to keeping drinks at the right temperature, hot or cold.

There are various dishes available for serving your food. We like the aluminum plates. We put a paper plate on top, so you don’t need to wash them. Remember to add utensils to your kitchen kit to add some refinement to your outdoor dining experience.

If you plan on doing some fishing during your camping trip, remember to bring a proper fillet knife if you plan on cooking it over your campfire. Remember to clean the fish well away from your campsite and properly dispose of the waste.

Folding tables are also great accessories for car camping. We usually bring a regular circular folding table and a folding camp table. We use the folding camp table to place he camp stoves and washing basins on. The circular folding table is used for our dinning table and game table if the campsite does not have a picnic table.

There is a variety of outdoor cookware to choose from. If you plan on using it for backpack camping, you’ll want the most lightweight and durable cookware you can afford. If you plan on only using the cookware for car camping, a combination of cast-iron and stainless steel works well. Cast-iron can be used over the fire pit, while stainless steel works best over the camp stove.

If you’re at a loss for meal ideas, an outdoors cookbook comes in handy. Remember to prepare you food in advance to ensure you have the necessary spices and ingredients. If you’re cooking with potatoes, it’s a good idea to cook these in advance, too.

One of the joys of camping is cooking meals for the family. It’s always fun to get the whole family involved in some way. That way the meal will be appreciated by everyone.

Remember to keep your campsite clean and not leave any food out in the open. We use clear plastic boxes with folding lids for this purpose. There are unwelcome wildlife guests (from chipmunks, squirrels, and birds during the day to deer and bears at night) who are looking for easy pickings. If your weather will be unpredictable, bring a couple of tarps or a portable shelter to keep your kitchen and eating area covered if it rains.

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