Antique Fishing Lures Can You Really Use Them?

Antique fishing lures sound like something taken out of a dusted box or like the primitive rods and hooks used by our fishermen forfathers. Yet, some people collect antique fishing lures and even use them from time to time. What distinguishes new models from older ones is that modern lures have a sleekness and a luster that make them a lot more similar to live bait. In fact the word that best describes antique fishing lures is stiffness. They also try to replicate a partial look of the insects used in fishing.

There are interesting stories to tell about some of the antique fishing lures you use or collect. Normally, classic lures can be used with any type of fish, although exceptions for this general usage do exist. Information is pretty scarce on older fishing lures, because the new models are in the spot light at present.

Although a different terminology is used for antique fishing lures, classic or old models are still available with some stores. Internet sites and some auction houses could be the right locations to make an acquisition. The models, the prices and the availability vary from store to store, but if you are keen on finding precisely an older model, you may get it after a persistent search. Sometimes you have the chance to find these old lures in modern specialized shops, too. Hobbists could also give one some hints about where to find more for your collection.

If you search the Internet for antique fishing lures, you may also come across some very interesting materials on the history of fishing, the evolution of fishing gear and the tradition of the manufacturers. You can also find books and guides, collectors’ information as well as specialized publications such as fishing magazines.

Some antique fishing lures are sold for small fortunes, but there are buyers for them despite the very high costs. Such highly valuable designs can be even one hundred years old, and they usually belong to mature collections that are occasionally sold at auctions. These lures are really expensive, somewhere in the area of $ 1,000 to $ 5,000. They usually end up in the possession of passionate collectors who belong to exclusive groups. From time to time such select groups receive new members in the forms of collectors with experience and something to share with the rest.

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