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ROD BUILDING EQUIPMENT & Accessories: Lets start at the beginning. You have already made the first step and decided you are going to build your own fishing rod. You are really going to not only enjoy working and completing this project but you are going to love the many hours of fishing pleasure you are going to get from it as well.

There are going to be several items you need to build your rod but in order to get them you need to know what you need. So to start with, you need some good instructions. The best guide there is for this is on a DVD and precisely the Flex Coat Rod Building, “How We Do It”DVD. It makes it much easier when you can visually see the instructions and work along with it. It’s easy to follow as it’s a step-by-step procedures, and yes, it’s perfect for beginner’s right up to the experienced rod builder.

You are going to find the instructions detailed and actually, there are 20 chapters of instructions so there’s no worry that you won’t have enough information. Every last detail is covered in depth. It’s going to provide you with a complete list of materials that you are going to need.

Like anything, it’s often the little things that count. Many of the minor accessories that you feel you won’t have need for you will probably find out that they are real time savers and make your job just a little bit easier. A good example of this is the Flex Coat White China Marker. You will need to have a way to mark the blank spines and also guide spacing. This is perfect for that and you won’t have any problem erasing it afterwards, as it’s easily removable.

The whole idea of building your own rod is to have a custom fishing rod. This means you need to put your own personal touches on in. The Flex Coat Decorative Rod Wrapping Guide 1 is going to give you some great instructions for some really impressive wrapping. You will get some very precise details with a step-by-step guide on how to do the various rod wraps such as Flag or Diamond or many of the others. With these wraps, your rod is going to look professional. If there isn’t enough in Guide 1 then check out Guide 2 which has lots more alternative patterns such as the Maze or Thunderbird to name a few.

Once you have completed your rod you are going to want to give it that final touch. No better way to do this then by utilizing the dry transfer letters right onto you rod. You can put whatever you want on it. Perhaps your name or even a name for your rod. Just think you have a one of the kind rod in the world because you built it.

The few things that we have mentioned here by accessories is just to give you an idea of the many things your can do with your rod building techniques and adding the extra touches.

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