Prepare for Spring Camping Season with the Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent

The world is defrosting and Spring is on its way. That means now is the perfect time to prepare your arsenal of camping and outdoor supplies – so the moment winter is officially over, you can run out and go camping. If you find yourself in need of a larger tent this camping season, consider the Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent or another one of Bear Grylls tents.

Here are some details about the Rapid Series 6-Person Tent:

* Easy-Up design
* Dimensions: 162″ x 82″
* Height: 55″
* Weight: 15 pounds
* Mesh material for ventilation
* Inside mesh pockets
* Rainfly
* Carry bag included

This is the perfect tent for larger groups. So if you plan to head into the woods with a group of friends or roommates, it is perfect. It is also ideal for a small family who wants to stay together in one tent. If you are packing gear inside the tent (if it’s raining or something), you may only be able to fit about four people inside. It all depends on how much gear you have and the size of the people in your group.

Buying Options
If you buy the Bear Grylls 6-person tent, get it here on We offer package deals that can save you a ton of money. For example, right now you can score the 6-person tent along with a sleeping bag for $ 135. Or you can go for the Premium Family Bundle and get this tent with three sleeping bags for just under $ 200. You won’t find Bear Grylls tents and other gear for this price anywhere else.

Other Bear Grylls Gear
If you are going solo or with a smaller group, consider the smaller Bear Grylls tents. There are also 2-person and 4-person tents that are similar to the Rapid Series 6P tent, but smaller. They are also made of similar durable materials. They include rain flies, inside pockets for storage, and other handy features.

If you aren’t in the market for a tent but need sleeping bags, camping backpacks or dishes, Bear Grylls products can get you there. From sleeping pads to on-the-go camping coffee mugs, this guy has it all. And it is seriously affordably priced considering the quality of his gear. Shop and you can absolutely find what you need, and you can probably buy it and get some extras in a bundle package!

Before you set out on your next outdoor rendezvous, make sure you are prepared with one of Bear Grylls tents and maybe a sleeping bag and some other gear. The gear that bears this famous outdoorsman’s name is high quality without a ridiculous price tag. It is all wilderness tested and made with durable materials. Find great deals on Bear Grylls tents here at! You can’t find a better deal out there.