Sit on top Kayak -Pro’s & Con’s

Kayaks are used to improve the performance of fishing. They are used by fishing lovers for recreational purpose. Kayaks are of different types and are made from different material. It is necessary to select the most appropriate type of Kayak for an easy and safe fishing. While Kayak fishing necessary safety precautions are needed to be taken care of. The type of kayak depends upon many factors, one of which is the fishing type.

Common fishing types are:

* Moving water

* Flat/Open water

* Versatile i.e. in between water

Types of Kayaks

* Sit on top (SOT) Fishing kayak

* Sit inside (SIT) Fishing kayak

* Bass Fishing Kayak

* Tandem Fishing Kayak

* Fly fishing Kayak

* Inflatable fishing kayak

Sit on Top V/s Sit in Kayaks

Kayaks basically come in two types SOT or SOK. In SOT there is a seating space available in the hollow tube. These are more traditional type of fishing. They ca be customized and are easy for getting in and out of the kayak. They are very comfortable and spacious. The angler can move and adjust himself in the Kayak. There are few disadvantages of SOT’s too. SOT kayaks are less stable, slow and heavy. They are preferred for moving waters. They offer a dry ride as compared to SIT.

SIT or SIK have design similar to SOT. They too have a seat in the hollow of the kayak. They are more stable, lighter and faster. They provide extra protection from wet situations and cold. But these too can be uncomfortable after a long time Also they are little uncomfortable while getting in and out of the kayak. SIT can be used for saltwater. They are safer as they can roll with filling in water.

Advantages of Sit on top kayaks

* They are made from fiber glass and are less expensive

* They have the advantage of paddle floats, navigation maps and self-rescue.

* The seat is molded on the hull of the kayak.

* They are useful for fishing, touring, surfing, scuba diving etc.

* They are built specially for recreational purposes.

* They are appealing for new paddlers and inexperienced anglers.

* They are warmer and great for cooler waters

* They keep the kayak and the angler dry

Tips for better kayak fishing experience

Control: It is important to have control over your kayak. Control is necessary to remain safe and also for catching the fish. A good training is pre requisite before going for a kayak fishing.

Pack light and right: When packing always consider all thing that are important and necessary. One should be aware of the gears and accessories needed for kayaking.

Setting the balt, casting and catching: Get the balt ad hook personalized as per your preference. Choosing the appropriate kayak and setting the balt right is important factor that needs to be considered.

Storing: Take ample of storage capacity with you to store fish and other items. Also know the fact that the storage should fit into your kayak.

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