What’s New With Bass Fishing Lures

There are always plenty of new bass fishing lures on the market each year, and while they do not come with the benefits of the tried and true, they are certainly worth looking into and tossing into the water to see what kind of attraction the elicit. Here are a few of the new bass fishing lures on the market to be available in the fall of 2008.

First, there is the Culprit Ultimate Series Minnow. It comes in a package of four and is about four and a half inches long. The Culprit Ultimate Series minnow has a hollow body that causes the body of the lure to actually collapse when the fish bites down on it. The realistic appearance is enhanced by a bleeding gill look.

If you rig it by inserting the hook into the lure’s head, angled out through the bottom. Pull the hook through the lure and up in the direction of the bait.

Then, just line the hook up and stick it through the body into the top of the bait. If you need weedless presentation, you should just stick the hook point back into the plastic, and this will make the lure have a realistic wobbly swimming motion in the water to make it look very lifelike.

Next, there is a slinky worm. It comes packaged in fifteen count packages and is about six inches long. This lure has a long, slim body with a tentacle adorned c-tail. This lure works very well in just about any condition. All you have to do to make it great for heavily vegetated areas is to weight it.

If you need to fish the bottom, just use a heavier weight. It will then float tentacled tail up, and the motion of the water will make it wiggle enough to attract the attention of any passersby. Slinky worms are good with a drop shot rig too. The long body helps to keep the tentacled tail away from the line and hook.

If you need a weightless lure, consider a 2/0 hook and Carolina rig the slinky, for really good results. You will really like this lure on a sandy bottom. The slinky worm comes in a wide range of colors for every water condition.

Next to appear on the fall 2008 line up, is the Tail Kicker. This lure comes in a package of fifteen and is about six inches long. The body of the Tail kicker is long and ribbed, but there is a short flip tailed kicker at the end. The ribbing on the body causes a subtle pulse action on the end of the lure.

The Tail kicker will work well in a variety of conditions, but because of its design, works best when using a quick retrieve over holes that have floating vegetation like lillie pads and other top water cover.

If you are fishing under docks and other structure. Just flip underneath, let the lure sink, retrieve it, and then let it drop down again and repeat the procedure. Another good use for the tail kicker is when the bass are a little lethargic and slow reacting. Just dead stick it on the bottom, and use it to cast in open pockets in heavy vegetation.

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