In Search Of Tents For Your Camping Trip

They were the mainstay shelter for many years, back to the nomadic man era. They were easy to handle, small enough to carry comfortably and it has often been said if buildings grew naturally like a tree, then tents would be like the mushrooms on the forest floor. Why? Because they tend to appear overnight, are only seen briefly, then disappear just as quickly, with no proof that it had ever been there.

As sturdier materials started to be used, such as wood or stone, it was thought that the tent would surely become extinct. But for no apparent reason, as buildings became much more grandeur and larger, so did the tent.

Perhaps the biggest and grandest pergola belonged to Alexander the Great. He made a marriage tent that hung from 50 thirty-foot columns of silver and gold, making it large enough to house 100 couches and host 9,000 friends.

The roof was a dome and had amazing portrayals of the sun, moon, stars and all of the deities of heaven. It was named the cosmic tent and went on to inspire Nero to build one just like it. Luckily, it does not need to be that spectacular or big to get the job of sheltering done.

However, it is interesting that the basic, primitive structure for sheltering man can also be seen now as a symbol of pomp and circumstance, showing up on parade grounds, campgrounds and even used for outdoor wedding receptions. Tents are extremely versatile, used at golf tournaments, at groundbreaking ceremonies and the Worlds Fair. But even with all of that history and versatility, many believe the best use of a tent is as part of your camping equipment.

When you are considering what type of tent to get for your camping excursions, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you want one that is actually comfortable when everyone is inside, meaning if the manufacturer says it will fit 4 people comfortably, go for something bigger.

Space saving and durability are two major points to look for when purchasing tents. Every extra pocket is great when you are trying to make floor space, and of course you need something durable so that you will not end up on the lake without a boat the next time you are camping and it gets windy. And please, for the sake of your children, practice setting up the tent at home before attempting it at the family campground.

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