Magic Lantern Show to upgrade controversial tame fish

“Fish every year” caused controversy.
CCTV Spring Festival Evening this year, performing magic for magicians Fu Yandong “fish every year” and became popular. Were friends but then attack, calling it an extremely cruel way to abuse the fish. Last night, Hunan Satellite TV, joy at the Lantern Festival, Fu Yandong live goldfish Secret Magic, but was friends refer to muddle through, simply does not make clear whether the child fish, but the performance so users questioned in a new magic “change dead,” a goldfish , which will upgrade again child controversy fish.
After the Spring Festival, the fish comes from a variety of child decryption, to animal protection organizations, open letter, the dispute dragged on. Curiosity in the audience between trade secrets and is really difficult to balance. Text / reporter Zhang Suqin
Lantern Night “become dead” goldfish?
Last night, Hunan Satellite TV Lantern party, bring goldfish model playing Fu Yandong said in an interview with host considerable pressure after the Spring Festival, magic show to the audience to ensure that the goldfish is now “very healthy, comfortable old age, not their own live happy. ” Subsequently, his “Secret” as a gimmick, a goldfish model will become three, the scarf through the tank as an example of the Spring Festival Evening goldfish goldfish magic lies in how the church invisible and appeared, as well as how to penetrate the glass, something .
After Fu Yandong performed “great changes goldfish” Magic – two tanks, with a red cloth cover, empty fish tank suddenly changed numerous redfish; the other side, with a black cloth cover, black fish tank full of fish . In the final session, in a black goldfish tank stiff surfaced, although the camera lingers on less than two seconds but still clear to see.
Clarification: the larger cause floats roll
Magic Immediately after the sharp-eyed netizens have posted it in the Fu Yandong broke the news: “just a dead blackfish you see?” But there are friends, said: “goldfish turn belly does not mean that he died ah.”
The night 9:53, Fu Yandong updated his Twitter: “fish found down sideways, and who can tell me how it had? How can I do?” Then attached is a 28-second video, the middle of the video tour really turned the stomach of the snakehead. Not dead goldfish voice-over said: “As a black goldfish floats belly larger, resulting in some body roll during swimming. Goldfish swimming slowly roll to the audience’s visual errors caused by the dying.”
Yuan Fu Yandong said assistant draw on previous experience, After the performance on film this video. However, users do not buy it, “how can I determine the goldfish in the video is live TV to which the goldfish?”
Open Letter: invited experts to witness
In addition, on February 16, for the relevant questions have been responded to several of the Fu Yandong, in a blog published an open letter that “the open letter will be the last time talking about the Spring Festival Evening Magic,” “to adhere to in order to protect the magic of conduct,” ” I show the ‘fish every year’ magic did not put any object inside the belly, please do not free to ‘follow’. “
Fu Yandong said, “willing to be active in animal protection try!” He also said: “Lantern Festival tomorrow evening at the Hunan Satellite TV to continue with the goldfish and common interpretation of magic, we are linked by Hunan Satellite TV Hunan local authority aquatic experts, invited experts full participation in our magic rehearsal and preparation process and after the end of track magic goldfish health, through the supervision and guidance of our actions, the witness of our performances are not contrary to the nature of the fish, without compromising the health of the fish! “
Spring Festival goldfish magic cause the outbreak of fish abuse controversy
CCTV Spring Festival Evening this year, Fu Yandong performing magic “fish every year” caused controversy. After the Spring Festival, the Internet is spread out “the fish to swallow iron ball”, “fish is cut open the belly”, “fishing line lure,” “electric fish” and other four fish decryption abuse claims. Subsequently, Fu Yandong had to respond through the media, and stressed that there is no abuse of fish, method is to use magic domesticated goldfish.
Upgrade requirements of animal protection organizations to stop play
February 14, Small Animal Protection Association, the joint 53 animal protection organizations jointly issued an open letter to the Spring Festival Evening strongly protest abuse of fish behavior.
The association said, “fish every year” has caused abuse of fish behavior, a Magic fan of his published online during the test: After trying to put the fish gills in a thin disk, the thin disk glued to the fish belly The following were unsuccessful, put the magnet into the fish mouth, and then poured into 502 fish head, “and 502 dry fish head was sealed”, so try out the “fish every year” in the fish obedient moving effect.
This is the Small Animal Protection Association protested reasons. The letter also suggested that should put an end to large-scale variety show staged animal shows, in order to avoid the audience to imitate caused by maltreat or hurt an animal.
Secret self-control fish infested by the completion of performance
February 15, and his father Futeng Long Fu Yandong attended a Beijing community “Lantern Festival” activities. “China’s devil,” said Fu Tenglong said, in fact, magic is the “authority”, but also performing components.
Fu Yandong said that the Spring Festival Evening performances put dozens of aquarium fish, the fish come and go through his control, that is, disappearance of the fish appear to fish way, become a fish swimming in a variety of Zhenshi.
Industry: a few magic tricks to science and technology
Fu Yandong born in 1975, “Chinese devil” Futeng Long’s son, graduated from East China Normal University, the international financial system.
Miscellaneous Magic Club Association of Jiangsu Province, deputy director of Fangzhen Yong had said in an interview, Fu Yandong “fish every year” pricey tech, “the magic in Japan already been made, but for the Chinese audience, quite fresh, “Fangzhen Yong said the industry is not in line with the Magic since the principle of exposing the secret that he can not debunk the mystery. “As for ‘abuse of fish’ does not exist, because entirely possible to use the remote to control the simulation of high false goldfish, fish maw house has a magnet device …” He disclosed that the “tame fish” props in the country not yet introduced, cost is relatively high, so high-tech, but the Magic’s own way inadequate.
Sound gradually tolerant users
For Fu Yandong and his magic, the controversy has not stopped the Internet, the fifteenth day “change die” CCTV Spring Festival Evening of fish is to fish since the abuse controversy to upgrade again.
User “Toth mother” said: “Animal Protection Society, said early to prevent the use of animals is not to show it? Whether fish died did not die, it must first comply with the rules.”
There are some friends that Fu Yandong not very professional. “I hope and thought a good magic tricks, please professional point, otherwise the audience looked embarrassed.”
However, there are a considerable number of users on the Fu Yandong expressed tolerance and support.
Friends “babyboom” said: “did not die like fish, do not control what other people say, I support you! Learn magic, after all, is not easy!”
Friends “Dear_Stranger” then laments: “Learning magic really hard, I hope you can go its own way, as the public that much more wrong is much more to clarify some things can not be more clear. Yes, my first few fish days also cross over, and I slightly changed the point of water, fed a few fish food, slowly it is over the. “
Friends, “Man-man summer” bluntly: “do not need to always feel so intolerant, they obviously eat meat, fish abuse also blame others.”
If the guess is too obsessed with mystery, magic to see if it will lose meaning? In the magician’s trade secrets and curiosity among the audience, really difficult to balance.
Each have two wonderful Lantern Festival party
Last night, Hunan Satellite TV, CCTV and the Lantern Festival party was accused. Two parties, CCTV recording and broadcasting, Hunan TV broadcast, so some of the faces also appear on both party. Such as migrant workers masculine combination of sun, but they did not own, such as singing songs mentioned in rumors. Hunan Satellite TV, joy at the Lantern Festival, they presented a cover song “edge of life.” CCTV is on stage singing “My future is not a dream.” Through experience, they are obviously a lot of relaxation, less points of passion, but more stable points.
CCTV: Zuying acclaimed magic
CCTV Lantern Festival party a total of 90 minutes, the biggest bright spot is Zuying magic.
Central Zuying sitting round table, and Zhao, small Shenyang, Dong Qing, Dong Jie, etc. all seated at her side, “supervision” of her performance. Zuying performing magic is the “coin through glass.” I saw the coin slowly Zuying extrapolation from the glass into the cup, which immediately drew the audience’s applause. Sitting beside her Zhao was also surprised to cry, “is simply too god, you’re better than Liu Qian is also God.” The Magic Zuying show finished immediately after the Internet caused great surprise.
Hunan Satellite TV: a “disturbed”
Gong Linna singing “uneasy” swept the country, known as the “Divine Comedy.” From Hunan twenty retired veteran choir challenge this first Divine Comedy. Choir members also learn to sing to the chairpersons of the “disturbed” the harvest, said learning to sing “disturbed” after the feelings of pleasure, is a good way to decompress, to sing an old man said he was “uneasy” Da Cangying hit rate high.
New Divine Comedy