Saving on Camping Gear: Bear Grylls Tents Rapid Series 6P Family Bundle

Camping can be an exciting adventure for the whole family, especially if you have the right equipment to make it an enjoyable experience. But if you have ever considered the venture, you’ve likely learned that camping gear can be pricey, especially if you are paying for gear for the entire family. But Bear Grylls Tents can make all the difference between an enjoyable trip and one with less enthusiasm.
The easiest way to save and keep your memories safe is to buy camping gear when it’s on sale. The Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent Family Premium is the perfect bundle for a family of three, or for those who are looking to increase their camping gear inventory.
And this family bundle is only available from for $ 228.51, which is a steal!
What’s Included in the Family Premium Bundle?
* Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent
* 3 Collapsible Cups: for coffee, water, beverages, oatmeal, stews and soups
* 3 Collapsible Bowls: can be used as plate laying flat, bowl when set up
* 3 Sets of Camping Cutlery: spoon, fork, knife, spatula that snap together
* 3 Camp Pillows: small and light for use on the go
* Sleeping Bags: two mens 30 degree sleeping bags, one womans 30 degree sleeping bag
All the dishes included in the Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent are dishwasher and microwave safe. They are also spill resistant and BPA free. They come in assorted colors so dish sets are easy to assign and distinguish at all times.
And of course, the highly rated Bear Grylls 6 person tent is the main part of the bundle. Here are some specifics about this tent:
* Dimensions: 162″ length x 82″ width
* 55″ Peak height
* Weight: 15 pounds
* Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall
* Easy clip rainfly
At 15 pounds, this 6 person tent is more ideal for close camping or “car camping” where campers just have to unload their cars and hike a short distance. This weight is fairly good for a tent of its size, but is definitely not intended as long-distance hiking Bear Grylls tents.

People looking to buy camping supplies for the family but who don’t want to break the bank should consider this bundle package. It is one of the cheapest ways to have high quality camping gear with a reduced price tag. The Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent is the perfect size for a family or group of friends on a camping trip. And is the best place to buy this tent, and other Bear Grylls tents and camping gear, at a discount. The best way to buy the Bear Grylls Tents Rapid Series 6P is in this family bundle! Order yours today!

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