Crappie Fishing Inventions That Will Help You Catch More Fish

Crappie fishing is fun and exciting for anglers regardless of how much experience you have. Once you reel them in you get to take them home and have a wonderful meal. Crappies are considered one of the best tasting fish available with a white flaky body and a flavor that adults and children love. People everywhere enjoy the taste of crappie and the fun they have when they go crappie fishing.

This species of fish are known by many different names such as specks, papermouths, calicos and white perch to name a few depending on where you are fishing. Crappie fishing is such a popular sport that throughout the years there have been several inventions to hit the market designed to help you catch more fish. Some of these inventions are small and simple and others are pretty complicated but they all make a difference in how much success you can enjoy each time you go crappie fishing. Below you will find a list of inventions that have changed the way we fish.

Crappie fishing inventions:

Crappie Fishing Rod – The fishing rod is one of the main pieces of equipment used when fishing. The crappie fishing rods are designed more limber to help you feel the action. You can barely feel the crappie when they take the bait and this makes it hard to know when you have an actual bite and when the water is moving the bait around. However, when you use a rod designed for crappie fishing it will be easier to tell the difference and you can catch more crappie.

Crappie Fishing Jigs – There have been many jigs invented just for catching crappie. They are specifically designed to attract the attention of the crappie so you have the opportunity to catch more fish.

Fishing Boats – In the past boats were plain and simple and not very comfortable. Today you can have all the comforts you want in any style boat you like. You can even order your boat custom made to fit your individual needs if you want something special.

Electric Motors – Many years ago fishermen used paddles to move across the water but it was very difficult to go far. The electric motors made it possible for fishermen to get out into the deeper waters and position their boats wherever they want so they can enjoy a great day of fishing.

Trolling Motors – These motors are a little different from the electric motor because they are smaller and they run quieter allowing the angler to get closer to the crappie without disturbing the school. They also help you get up into coves and other hard to reach areas where the crappies like to hide out.

Spin Cast Reels – These reels make it easier to catch crappie because they work better with the light tackle that is needed for crappie fishing. They also make reeling in the line much smoother than other types of reels.

Monofilament Fishing Line – This type of line works great for crappie fishing and any other type of fishing for that matter plus, it last much longer than
other types fishing line.

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