What points you should know when you buy down sleeping bag

We all know that down is a very good thermal insulation material.so when you buy down sleeping bags,what questions should be paid attention to?Here is a detailed answer.

Fabric selection is very important,good fabric can prevent the leakage of cashmere,feel comfortable, don’t stab.And the weight of the fabric is very important,need to know that the weight of the key to see the fabric.And the fabric also has some dirt and water repellent properties.Because the down is very afraid of water,and down sleeping bags and can not often wash.So this is very important.

Fill weight: how much is filled down,this is usually in grams,minimal up from 100g to 1800g range.Filling more natural warmth better.The greater the weight of the corresponding natural.

Down feather: usually goose down and feather.Goose down and duck down are divided into two types of white and grey.It is divided into four categories: gray feather feather, white duck, grey goose, white goose down.The goose down relatively, the smell is relatively small, or some warm performance.These are not related to color, but are usually more white than black, and the goose is more expensive than the duck.The most excellent performance is the grey goose down.

Fluffy degree: the most important indicator to determine the quality of the down.
Refers to the weight of the unit weight of the fluffy volume, the value is usually between 300-900, the maximum can reach 930.The larger the value of the larger, the better the feather fluffy effect.The key is to keep warm and fluffy.The same weight of the down, the higher the degree of fluffy fluffy warm effect is better.Of course, the more expensive natural. General sleeping bags filled with at least 450 more fluffy, more suitable for more than 600.

Cashmere content: this index with the fluffy degree almost.The content of the
cashmere and the stems of the down, generally 50%-95%.We commonly known as such as 90 cashmere on the representation of cashmere, 10%, 90%. Cashmere is to keep warm, but the whole is not the stalk is not supported, the feather will not rise.So the amount of cashmere directly affects the fluffy degree.We are concerned about the general degree of fluffy can be, including cashmere can be ignored.If you are not marked with the fluffy, it depends on the amount of cashmere, at least 80 more.

Sewing methods: in order to prevent the down inside the sleeping bag to run back and forth.Caused by the down hole caused by not warm, so down sleeping bags will usually be outside the fabric and the fabric between the one to sew into a grid.The stitching of the grid is divided into two kinds of needle and needle.Good stitching can improve the heat preservation effect, and can prevent the leakage of the fabric at the seams.The most simple way is a needle penetration.This way will only be used in the following summer with a sleeping bag filled with 400g.

The length of the zipper is directly related to the weight of the sleeping bag.The back wall zip if done properly can effectively prevent leakage from the zipper.And to prevent pull when clip to cloth.The zipper must be designed, and it can be pulled from the inside out.Otherwise, the total can not sleep every time to help other people to help pull the sleeping bag zipper.

In short, down sleeping bags are not the most expensive is the best.As long as the right to meet our needs, so is the best choice oh.Therefore, I hope that we can learn the above techniques and methods, you can choose to a most suitable for their own down sleeping bags oh.If you are interested, you can look at www.welfulloutdoors.com.

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