All You Need to Know About Fishing Tackle

The most basic piece of equipment required for fishing is fishing tackle. Fishing tackle is a generic term that refers to equipment such as lures, bait, lines, rods, reels, nets and trawls, downriggers, outriggers, gaffs, harpoons, clevises, floats, and traps.

The kind of fishing tackle that you will require depends on the kind of fish that you are angling to catch. It will also be dictated by your experience in fishing. A fishing tackle can be as simple as a soda can with fishing line attached to it, or a pole with a line tied to the end. These simple forms of fishing tackle are used to fish near the bank.

Advanced users may want to consider a rod and reel arrangement. This type of fishing tackle uses reels to store a large amount of line. This enables you to cast your line further. A rod and reel arrangement is essential for fishing in deeper waters and for tackling larger fish. There are many different types of fishing tackle that employ the rod and reel arrangement. The four basic kinds are: spin cast, spinning, bait cast, and fly casting. For more information, visit our website at

Spin cast

Spin cast fishing tackle is ideal for beginners as it is easy to use, after a bit of practice. A spin casting rod has a straight handle and line guides to prevent the line from running awry. The reel is mounted on top of the handle of the fishing rod. The fishing line comes out of a small hole in the cover of the reel. Spin casting is used to catch fish such as bluegill, crappie, and other pan fish.


Spinning fish tackle is so called because the casting reels spool spins as the line is cast out. The design is similar to spin casting fishing tackle except that the reel is usually mounted on the underside of the handle and the line is released by using the index finger. This sort of design takes a bit of practice, and is only recommended for more advanced users. The advantage of a spinning tackle is that it allows you to cast your line over a larger distance and lets you use a variety of fishing lines.

Bait casting

Bait casting is one of the most difficult forms of fishing tackle to use. As the line is controlled by your thumb, you have to put in many hours of practice to ensure that you can control the line properly. The advantage of bait casting is that it gives you an unbelievable amount of accuracy and control. In fact bait casting is the preferred method of fishing tackle for professional bass fishing.

Fly casting

Fly casting is regarded as the pinnacle of fishing tackle. This is the most difficult of all fishing tackles and requires a lot of practice and patience to master. The basic movement is similar to spin casting; however in fly casting, instead of relying on a weighted lure, the weight of the line itself carries the artificial fly to the fish. Fly casting allows you to cast your line with speed, accuracy, and gives maximum range. Fly fishing is a highly competitive sport and attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year.

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