If You Enjoy Fishing You Should Really Enjoy Echo Fly Rods

Echo fly rods are some of the top fishing rods when it comes to quality, versatility, and durability, which is why the brand has become so well-known and trusted among fishermen of all levels. This brand makes several different models in every price range, all of which are said to be the highest quality among their peers and comparable to other brand models that are much more expensive. Fishermen know that having a good rod can make all the difference between catching a dozen big fish or going home empty-handed, and this particular brand was built to help you bring home that dozen.

When you want a rod that could be considered general purpose and do the trick in a multitude of situations, you should look no further than the Echo790-4x, which is good for pretty much any fly size you want and can be used in many types of bodies of water. This rod is a bit meatier in the base and much lighter at the tip, so the casting action is very fast, almost immediate, and only requires the slightest flick of the wrist.

You might be fishing in adverse weather or just like something that can get your hook way out into the water, and if you are, you will want the power of the Echo890-4x. This nine foot number eight rod is so powerful that it can perform even the biggest flies you can find straight into a strong wind, but is still light enough that you can fish all day without that throbbing in your arm trying to convince you to call it quits.

Any fisherman worth his salt is going to take on some steelhead from time to time, and when they do, it is wise to bring along a rod that is strong enough to take a real beating, like the Echo8100-4x. This is a ten foot number eight that has a thicker, more durable pole design that will allow you to pull in some of the largest steelheads and salmons you can find, without risk of it becoming overstressed or worn.

There are so many amazing Echo fly rods for you to choose from than just the few that are mentioned here, of course. Any fisherman who wants top quality out of every piece of gear they own should have an Echo rod in their collection.

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