Adorable Doll Accessories for Your Next Project

Doll-making is an old art that can be fun and satisfying. Of course, you’ll want to take a look at the latest accessories that are available for this useful craft. Whether you work in cloth, wood, ceramic, porcelain or other materials, you’re sure to find everything you need online.

Wooden dolls can be quaint and sturdy toys for children to play with or for display. Start with a 16mm Pre-painted Wooden Doll Head Happy Face. This package comes with ten dolls heads that are painted with a cheerful smile and rosy cheeks. Or if you want to make a ‘baby doll,’ you might begin with the 25mm Wooden Doll Heads – 2pcs. This sweet pre-painted set of two round heads features a sleeping face, again with rosy cheeks.

Once your doll is complete, add a pair of Black Patent Leather Doll Shoes for Dolls to each one. These are faux patent leather Mary Janes in black. At 2-1/4 inches long, they are made to fit a substantially sized doll. But the price is great, just as it is for most of the other doll accessories you’ll love to include in your next project.

Dolls up to eight inches in length can be tucked in every night inside one of the pretty sleeping bags that come in the Package of 18 Assorted Super Soft Doll Sleeping Bags. Each bag is made of acrylic plush for softness, and they are 9 inches long and 5-1/2 inches wide. The package of 18 comes with 6 each of pink and blue bags plus 3 each of yellow and cream bags. It’s a great accessory to give with each doll you make.

Make a pretty Angel by beginning with the 2-3/4 Inch Porcelain Angel Doll Head and Hands. This striking blonde beauty will become a cherished toy or showpiece once you’ve added the cloth body and dressed it properly. Of course, you’ll want to include a set of wings like the 4-1/2 Inch White Feather Angle Wings. These are made of real feathers and can be affixed right to the back of your almost-completed angel. Or you can use the wings to make fairies or even Christmas tree ornaments for next season.

If you leave off the wings and add a 6 Inch White Lace Folding Fan, your porcelain doll becomes a beautiful little lady. This fan features Spanish style lace attached to plastic ribbing. At 6 inches in height, it’s perfect for larger dolls that are dressed in the lush gowns that little girls of any age love.

Add some individuality to the dolls you make by adding doll glasses to their faces. The 3-1/2 Inch Half Round Doll Glasses are perfect for Granny or Santa Claus dolls. You can even add a pair to the stuffed animals that you’re so good at making. This pair is constructed of gold-tone wire frames and acrylic lenses. You might prefer oval lenses. If so, pick up the 2-3/4 Inch Oval Doll Glasses. These also feature wire frames in gold-tone and acrylic lenses.

If making bears or other stuffed animals is your thing, don’t forget to dress your creations appropriately. There are plenty of choices in stuffed animal clothing, such as the Dark Brown Velvet Bow. This is a lovely addition to a stuffed bear. Or you might pick up a sweater for someone’s future little buddy. The 3 Inch Small Hunter V-neck Sweater is a cute choice. It features a red neckline and red stripes on the sleeves. Any small bear will look precious when he wears this sweater. For more formal bears, add a necktie. The Bulk Lot of 12 Hunter Green Velvet Ties will dress a lot of precious pets. In fact, you can use one package to accessorize a whole den full of bears!

Many doll lovers appreciate having a hat added to their doll’s ensemble. The Open Weave Sinamay Dolls Hats – 12pcs gives you plenty of pretty hats to use in your projects. These are lightweight hats with an open weave. You can use them plain or add lace, flowers, ribbons, pearls…let your imagination run wild. Each doll will be unique, even though you’ve begun with the same basic hat.

Doll up a snowman, bear or rabbit with the Mini Black Flocked Top Hat. At 4-1/2 inches long and 1-3/4 inches wide, it is designed for mid-size dolls. Made of felt, it is durable and will last as long as the doll does. This is an especially useful accessory for holiday or wedding dolls, but you can add it to any doll you’ve created.

There are so many more doll accessories available for your special craft — far too many to name here. If you’re looking for quality clothing, stands, furniture, hats or other accessories, spend a little time browsing through what’s available. Your imagination will take flight and your dolls will look truly unique.

Zack Spence is a freelance writer who writes about hobbies and interests including products such as doll accessories

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