What Exactly Is A Ball Chain And Exactly How They Can Be Used

A ball chain is an ordinary device a lot of people use in their everyday lives without giving it a moments thought. One of those items that could have a thousand uses, ball chains are definitely remarkable. Robust enough to secure dog tags to a soldier’s neck, they on the other hand are sophisticated enough for jewelry.

Rolled into spheres during the manufacturing progression, these are small hollow balls that make up the chain. Each ball is then attached to the next one by a tiny rod. They are linked to each other to create a long string. They are smooth and constructed in a way not to become kinked like other chains would. If a long chain of them has become lumped together in a mound, they can untangle very easily because each of the rods acts as a swivel. A person can easily snap ends of a chain together with only just their fingers. No special tools required. Only as powerful as its weakest link, these types of chains are durable and have no weak links per say. The word to illustrate their strength is tensile, which implies the amount of force at which they will break. The chains are not going to hold a great deal of weight because of the way they have been manufactured.

The balls can be made out of a wide range of resources. Most are created from more durable and long lasting stainless steel. Dependent on their intended use they may also be crafted from copper, gun metal or brass. Sterling silver is used for the higher end types of chains and are typically custom ordered. Each metal possesses its own particular durability characteristics. The beads of the chain can be painted pretty much any color to make them a fashion item. So they have the ability to last even longer, they can have a stronger coating applied to them such as black or white paint.

For a number of applications, these chains are very handy. They aren’t only used for jewelry and key rings, these chains are used for luggage tags and in some cases musical instruments. They are also used as pull cords for turning off and on lamps, especially in the closets of older houses. The pull cords may also be often found in bathrooms and garages. To regulate a fan or the attached lights, a large number of ceiling fans use a chain of some kind. They are popular with outdoorsmen to use with fishing tackle. Sold as necklaces along with party favors, they can often be found in novelty and party shops. The chains can be purchased in large rolls for business use. One valuable feature of the chains is that they can be cut to almost any length with wire cutters or high quality scissors.

To enhance its usefulness, a wide array of attachments can be added to a ball chain. Alligator clips can be easily attached to a chain for a variety of reasons. You can find hooks and connectors that will allow little chains to be added to each other. Although the chains have been available for more than one hundred years, companies continue to improve the basic style and design. Lots of the attachments and production methods used for these ball chains are covered by US patients. As far back as when they were mass produced, some of these patents have existed. Although mostly manufactured in the United States, the chains are also manufactured in industrial facilities in Asia as well.

The kind of chain utilized most often to create a dog tag necklace, like those worn by the US military, is the ball chain. For more information on Frank R. Ferris, explore them at their site, http://www.frankferrisco.com/.