Be Prepared When Fishing With A Chest Pack

When spending time in the great outdoors fly fishing, then you will want to have all the accessories that you will need in an easy to reach place, such as in a chest pack.

For the seasoned angler, who are those that know what they need and do not require a huge pack full of gear for a simple day on the water, but a chest pack will be perfect. Having to find the perfect on-the-water tackle storage system can be difficult when you are a fly fisherman. If you can remember your first vest, then you will most likely understand what it is to have every thing in one place. Some chest packs have some forty odd pockets, with each one being chock-full of tools and gadgets that you will rarely ever need

With a chest pack you will never need to spend ten minutes again searching for the ideal item. Experienced fly anglers who know what they need and do not require a huge pack full of gear for a simple day on the water. However, some chest packs on the market are not that small and when they expand, then they are perfect for just about every thing. These chest packs provide ample storage for essential fly-fishing gear without being so big that anglers feel compelled to fill up the empty space.

The main storage compartments of these chest packs usually have two interior pockets with one pocket being made of a stretchy mesh material, and the other can be made out of a more traditional mesh fabric. Both pockets may feature hook-and-loop closures to keep contents inside and easy-to-grab tabs for quick access to pocket contents. The front compartment of many chest pack are a zip-down fly bench, which makes on-the-water work much more comfortable and convenient. The bench also has a replaceable piece of ripple foam that is attached to the fold-down bench via two hook-and-loop strips. Some of these chest packs will use fully adjustable straps, which is perfect for getting that perfect fit.

Unlike bulkier chest packs, the smaller chest packs do not get in the way when casting, and when fitted properly you can hardly even realize that it is on you until you need it. The excess straps are stored inside the pack, so you are not fighting loose, dangling straps throughout the day of fishing. The exterior of the fold-down bench has two more stretchy mesh pockets that provide storage space for your most frequently used items on many of these storage bags. With a side zip pocket running from top to bottom of then the chest pack would be perfect for providing you with storage for flat items such as maps and other stream side reference materials.

Since we carry all our gear on our person, fly fishing is a sport of economy, and some degree of minimalism is a must. If you want to stay organized and keep gear highly accessible, give a chest pack a shot, because you will want to go light but still have every thing that you will need with you for a great day of fly fishing. Most chest packs are designed with two front zippered drop-down compartments with the larger main compartment offers plenty of practical storage space for fly boxes, while the smaller front compartment is great for storing nippers, floats, and other frequently used fishing accessories.

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