Crappie Poles

Crappie are unlike other game fish such as Bass because they will not put up a large fight once they are caught on a hook. Since Crappie have a very gentle nature, you are not limited to more heavyweight poles. If a heavier pole is used, you simply may not be able to feel the Crappie take the bait, unless you are paying close attention at all times. This is the main reason for using a lighter weight pole is typically used when catching Crappie.

When you go to purchase your first lightweight pole, you will notice that they come in almost an endless amount of types, lengths, and sizes. Deciding which one for you may seem to be an overwhelming task. However, considering a number of different things when deciding will help you figure out which pole will work best in your situation.

If you are working on a small budget, you may want to consider a cane pole. A cane pole is a simple jointed pole which are sometimes similar to bamboo, but can be made of pretty much at type of lightweight material. Fishing line is tied to the end of the pole. No rod or reeling function is available on cane poles.

Fly rods work in a similar manner as cane poles, but they offer more versatility and control. Fly rods can come with a rod and reel.

If your situation requires you that you fish in areas that are difficult to reach, you may want to consider purchasing a telescopic pole. Telescopic poles can reach lengths as high as 18 feet. The most popular length found is anywhere from 10 to 12 feet as they give you length and control at the same time. The length allows you to precisely control where you place the bait. This is especially useful if you are fishing in heavy cover. Telescopic poles are a popular option because they are collapsible. The collapsed pole is smaller, and much easier to transport and store. This allows you to have your pole readily available when the urge to fish hits.

Alternatively, you may even want to consider purchasing a children’s fishing pole. Children’s poles offer a full pole setup, but are typically much more lightweight then traditional smaller adult poles. Children’s poles are also typically more sensitive to hits, so you will be able to easily tell when you are getting a hit. Children’s fishing poles can be purchased at any fishing or department store.

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