Gifts For The Fly Fishermen This Holiday Season: A Guide For Those Who Know Nothing About Fishing

It seems that just about everyone has one of them in their life-a fisherman that may leave you feeling completely clueless when it comes to choosing a gift for the holiday season. My dad is fanatical about fishing. When I was a kid he would wake me in the freezing dawn hours and set me up with a fishing pole and a box of fishing flies where I would stand for hours. I suppose I never really understood what it was that lit his passion for fishing.

This is same reason I never really know what to get him for the holidays. Perhaps like the fisherman in your life, he never gave me a clear answer about what he might really want. This year, I decided to break into the fisherman psyche and find out from fishermen themselves about best-bet gifts for the holiday season.

Gift certificates for fishing flies
The gift certificate may not look as intriguing under the tree as a big brightly-wrapped present, but guys and gals into fishing are very particular about their fishing flies and say they prefer to pick out there own gear. They’ve got philosophies on what color of fishing flies work best and when. They’ve got theories about how different fishing flies are likely to work with different fish.

These fishing flies have names like “Adult Damsel,” “Sucking Leech,” “Rusty Rat,” “Scuds,” and “Bombers.” If you were pulled over for speeding with a list like this in your car, you may be taken in for further questioning. When it comes to fishing flies, it’s best just to let the fisherman enjoy going shopping with a gift certificate.

Vests and Hip Packs
A fisherman’s got to have somewhere to keep all of those fishing flies, sinkers, floats, and gadgets while fishing for hours. That’s why vests and hip packs make such great gifts. A fisherman usually has one already. A lot of times it’s 20 or 30 years old and definitely seen better days. But since it’s still “functional” it’s one of those things that they want to replace, but never justify doing. A great gift is one that someone really wants, but is too practical to buy for him or herself. Sneak a look at your fisherman’s vest pack. If it’s old, tattered and faded, replacing it with a fresh new pack with lots of zippers and pockets for fishing flies is certain to be a big hit.

Fishing DVD’s
If there’s one thing fishermen have in common, it’s that they can’t seem to get enough info about fishing. Whether it’s sharing fishing stories, discussing their preference of fishing flies, or watching fishing shows on cable, they’re almost always thinking about fishing and how they can improve their strategy and bring home a bigger fish than last time. What do fishermen want? They want more fishing ideas! There are quite a few DVD available about fly fishing topics like tying fishing flies, fly casting, water entomology as it relates to fishing, and plenty more.

So before you go out and purchase the infamous singing bass wall plaque out of desperation for great ideas, take this list and do some online shopping for some gifts that are sure to please. This bit of research gave me some great ideas for gifts for my dad and hopefully will help you give the fisherman in your life a smile this holiday season.

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