Bass Fishing Lures – Update Your Tackle Box

Are you looking for some new bass fishing lures ? Do you want to update your tackle box or are you new to bass fishing and trying to know what the best options for lures are? Whether you are a seasoned fishermen or just starting out, you probably already know that your bait is very important to your success from a day of fishing. This means you should choose your bass fishing lures carefully to have a productive day.

But when it seems there are so many different types of lures to choose from, how can you be sure to get the right one? How do you know which ones work best for each situation and how do you choose from so many options? Here is some basic information about the types of bass fishing lures , how they work and how to choose the right one for your needs, depending on the situation you are fishing in. The more you fish for bass and the more comfortable you become with the different types of lures, the better you will be at choosing the right lure for the occasion.

Types of Lures

First you need to know that there are actually 5 main types of lures to choose from. These are:

For example, crank baits and spinner baits are preferred when you need to cover a lot of water or when you need to work through the rocky bottoms of a pond or lake. If there is light vegetation in the area, these baits usually work well.

When using jigs you can have a much more accurate feel on your line and this will help you be more effective at controlling your line in the water. Many fishermen report success using this with a pork trailer. Top waters are preferred lures when fishing in shallow waters. They also work well in areas that have surface vegetation, lily pads, etc.

Plastic lures are by far the most versatile and can be used in a variety of different situations. You can use plastics both weighted and weightless and there are floating plastic lures which can be used like topwaters. You can use plastics in heavy vegetation where other lures may not work well.

Choosing Your Lures

So now that you know about the basic types of lures, how do you know which one to choose and what kind to have in your bass tackle? It’s a good idea to have a nice mixture of different types of lures on hand so you can switch through them as needed when the situation arises.

When choosing crank baits, you should have a few of each- deep diving, medium divers, and shallow. You should also have a few short and fat lures and some lures in bright colors. You can also look for ones that make noise, such as rattles because this attracts the fish to the lure. It’s also good to use a crank bait with visible eyes such as those that glow.

When choosing spinner baits, try to find some in white, black and chartreuse with different blades on them for variety. You can get both standard and weedless and you can even find gold blades to add to your collection. Weedless are great to have when fishing in areas with a lot of cover.

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