Carp Fishing Bait Secrets For Your Best Catch Ever!

Carp fishing is such a popular and very competitive sport today that the edges and tips you can discover that give you more bites and that also save you valuable money in these hard times are seriously needed! So here you will be introduced to some hard-hitting facts, experiences and insights proven to catch you more big carp that save you money and seriously give you much more control over your bait and fishing costs and will even help you catch more fish while using less bait!

When you think about carp fishing, after location and a sharp hook you might consider bait to be a less important factor; well I disagree; Ive seen big carp caught on the crudest of rigs on the bluntest of hooks possible on outrageously thick nylon line and certainly fished in places seemingly totally devoid of any fish. But the factor that really did get the fish on the hook was the bait. In fact I have gone as far as testing numerous hooks, rigs, (very thick hook links and big heavy hooks too,) and what makes the most difference is the bait recipe employed; the fish response to this has proven to over-ride other considerations to the degree they are pretty secondary.

To illustrate a point I went to Horseshoe Lake and tested a friends spod ground bait mix, and compared it to 2 of my homemade spod mixes built on more detailed scientific information; the result was surprising and very revealing to say the least. My friend had been a bailiff on the water and had become a top rod there using his own homemade spod ground bait mix recipe so it had been very successful. His mix and my ones (based on his identical mix but with some vitally important added extras,) were placed in the margins of a stock pond where the carp could be clearly seen; the carp headed straight for the adapted baits and soon were clouding the water and competing with tench and roach, even head-butting the bottom when the bait was gone and meanwhile, not even a roach touched the original spod mix which sat there as if it was invisible!

This was such a revelation to all of us that witnessed this test that it took us quite a while to accept what had happened and the strength of the reaction because after all, here was a proven consistently successful spod mix failing to even get nibbled whist in the presence of 2 other identically-based baits but with added extras. Of course I was expecting a strong feeding response to the substances added to the new spod mixes, but certainly did not really expect them to result in the original being ignored as if it did not even exist. Now if you have ever fished next to someone who is catching fish and you cannot get a bite on your formerly successful bait this could well be part of the reason and perhaps we all need to seriously ask ourselves if our baits are doing or not doing various things they are supposedly designed to do!

Even though many believe in the high and balanced nutritional bait approach or the instant bait approach and any permutation in between, what ultimately matters from a results point is that you get a hook into a mouth in order to hook it, but obviously this is nowhere as simple as it might sound and success in this varies by miles between different baits. There is also the phenomenon of so many anglers free baits being regularly consumed while hook baits get rejected, and even put aside or marked as a potential threat by carp communicating between each other in various ways in a baited swim. Many anglers talk about carp having to get hooked because in order to sample baits they need to pick them up and chew them, but the fact is much of the substance of a bait in water can be identified and even filter-fed upon without a carp ever actually touching a bait let alone actually taking it into the mouth and consuming it.

Those big and smaller wary carp we all really want often respond best to baits that are new especially if they contain levels and combinations of substances not familiar or completely new to them and this especially is where homemade baits and ground baits very seriously score!

With your own personal homemade baits you decide the crucial cost of your bait and exactly how you want them to impact on carp in any of many various ways; including exploitation of their feeding response mechanisms, natural behaviours and other diverse sensory systems, so they actually work in your favour and not against you! When you truly realise the power of being able to induce feeding on your baits by including far higher levels of natural feeding triggers than commercial bait companies can include profitably in their boilies, pellets and ground baits etc, then things bait-related really get exciting! Just one example of a combination you can seriously boost in levels and exploit is that of the combination of betaine and green lipped mussel extract and these will provide more chances of takes as they encourage more intense and more repeated consumption of baits even in low temperatures in winter…

Betaine and green lipped mussel are but 2 substances well-known in the public domain which are very often under-exploited in commercial baits and with the use of boosted levels can improve catches even if you use smaller amounts of homemade baits with raised levels of these, but other substances are available to be exploited which are amazing! Because carp are constantly changing and adapting creatures you can choose to stick to a handful of recipes or constantly change them whenever you like and swap between more nutritional or more attractor style baits but at your budget using your own secret choice of ingredients and doing your own thing is extremely productive as we all know being different in fishing is a central key to success!

Carp bait success in many ways is about the efficient maintenance of a concentration of feeding triggers and attractors etc around your hook baits. Anyone who fishes with glugged broken boilies in glug-filled PVA bags, and compares their catch results to using whole readymade baits straight from the bag (and used alone in PVA bags,) will be shocked by the difference! But perhaps the most sobering thought about making your own homemade baits and ground baits is not just the impact they can have versus popular conventional baits, but the degree you can control their cost and produce incredibly effective baits to your own recipes, with far higher levels of potent ingredients than bait companies can offer profitably! Read on for my uniquely proven homemade bait and fishing bait secrets ebooks…

By Tim Richardson.

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