5 pounds of Coletherm insulation keeps you comfortable down to 30º F Reviews

Coleman Autumn Trails 30 Degree Sleeping Bag, Standard, Brown and Deer print

  • 5 pounds of Coletherm insulation keeps you comfortable down to 30º F
  • Coleman's ComfortSmart Technology ensures a comfortable, durable, high-quality sleeping bag
  • No Snag Pattanted zipper
  • Coleman Wrap 'N' Roll storage system.
Sleep comfortably under the stars in the Coleman Autumn Trails 30 Big & Tall Sleeping Bag, even when the temperature drops to 30 °F outside. Lightweight Coletherm hollow polyester insulation helps keep you comfortable all night long. The Comfort Cuff design makes sure you only have soft fabric around your face while you sleep. Thanks to the ZipPlow zipper, you'll get snag-free opening and closing every time. Stash a few small things, such as gloves or a flashlight, in the exterior tuck pocket. Packing up is made easy with the Wrap 'N' Roll system, which lets you roll your bag right up into an attached cover.This cold-weather sleeping bag is made for camping in temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a classic rectangular design with quilt-thru construction, Thermolock weather zipper seal to prevent heat loss, a two-way zipper that allows ventilation for the foot box, and Zipper Glide tailoring for smooth zippering around corners. The Autumn Trails bag also features a chest pocket with center fastener, loop-and-toggle system for easier rolling and storing of the bag, and a convenient built-in storage bag.

Features and Specifications:

  • Temperature rated to 20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rectangular-style sleeping bag with Comfort Cuff
  • Quilt-thru construction
  • Thermolock weather seal to prevent heat loss through zipper
  • Two-way zipper that allows ventilation of foot area
  • Zipper pull cover pushes material away from zipper slider to reduce material snagging
  • Zipper glide tailoring allows smooth operation around corners
  • Chest pocket with center fastener
  • Toggle-and-loop for easier rolling of bag for transporting
  • Head Flap for convenient built-in storage bag
About Coleman
More than 100 years ago, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a better idea began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. His name was W.C. Coleman, and the company he founded would change life in America. A man plagued with such poor vision he sometimes had to ask classmates to read aloud to him, Coleman saw a brilliant light in 1900 in a drugstore window that stopped him in his tracks. He inquired about the light inside and discovered he was able to read even the small print on a medicine bottle by the illumination. The lamps had mantles, not wicks, and were fueled by gasoline under pressure instead of coal oil. Soon afterward, Coleman started a lighting service that offered a "no light, no pay" clause--a big step forward for merchants who were burned by inferior products that rarely worked--and drew substantial interest from businesses that wanted to keep their lights on after dark. In the ensuing years, Coleman expanded its product line well beyond lanterns. The company's current catalog is thick with products that make spending time outdoors a pleasure. There are coolers that keep food and drinks cold for days on end, comfortable airbeds that won't deflate during the night, a complete line of LED lights that last for years, powerful portable grills that cook with an authentic open-grill flame, and much, much more. Coleman has truly fashioned much of our outdoor camping experience, and expects to do so for generations to come.

List Price: $ 60.48 Price: $ 63.96

Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag and Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag Bundle

  • For temperatures 20⁰ F to 40⁰ F
  • Fits most heights up to 5 ft. 11 in.; Dimensions: 33 x 75 in
  • Polyester cover and tricot knit lining; Machine washable
  • Three-season sleeping bag is ideal for cool weather camping
  • Durably constructed of polyester cover with soft tricot liner; three pounds of ColeTherm insulation keep you comfortable down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Thermolock System prevents heat loss through the zipper
  • Completely machine washable; Coleman's ComfortSmart technology offers numerous features to keep you warm and comfortable

List Price: $ 49.04 Price: $ 49.04

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    4-Year Owner is Satisfied for Now… But Time Will Tell, April 10, 2017
    cjr (Wisconsin) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: 5 pounds of Coletherm insulation keeps you comfortable down to 30º F (Sports)

    In June 2013, I purchased two Coleman Autumn Trails “Big & Tall” (20-40 degrees F) sleeping bags from Amazon, which my wife and I have used regularly while camping in Wisconsin’s state parks. As the 2017 camping season approaches, here is my field-tested opinion in case you’re thinking about purchasing this sleeping bag.

    1. Flannel Lining: I grew up camping in a flannel-lined sleeping bag and detest the feel of cold, clammy nylon when slipping into my bag. While flannel-lined bags are hard to find these days, Coleman still offers this model, fortunately.

    2. Box-style Construction: I dislike the tapering, foot-restricting style of mummy sleeping bags. The rectangular, box-style of this Coleman sleeping bag offers plenty of room, particularly if you’re a restless side-sleeper like me.

    3. No-shift Filling: The insulating material used in this bag, and the way it’s sewn into each layer, doesn’t shift around, unlike down feathers and some other synthetic fill-materials. This helps keep the section beneath your body “cushiony” and eliminates thin spots in the top layer that might let in the cold.

    1. Roll-Control Clasps: Coleman’s “Roll Control” feature should help you roll this thicker, less-compressible sleeping bag up neatly, but Coleman only added these toggle-and-loop clasps to the top and middle of the bag. Lacking a third roll-control clasp at the foot end, the sleeping bag tends to “squish out” as you roll up the bag from the top/head (which you must do in order to use the “Wrap n’ Roll” feature [See below], which is positioned at the foot-end for some reason).

    Thus, you’ll probably need a second person to hold the foot-end together as you roll to achieve a relatively small/tight roll. If Coleman included that third clasp at the foot end, this feature would be in the “Pros” section above because it’s a great idea.

    2. No-snag Zipper: Despite its U.S. patent assuring no snags (according to Coleman’s packaging), both my wife and I experienced frequent jams when we first started using these sleeping bags. This is extremely frustrating late at night in the dark when you hear Nature’s Call and time is of the essence! There’s some sort of red-plastic “thing” on the zipper pull [See photo] that presumably should prevent snags, but there’s also a draft-preventer flap inside the bag along the entire zipper that often gets caught when zipping/unzipping.

    We soon learned to run a finger in front of the zipper pull to move that flap aside, so we don’t experience snags as often now, but you shouldn’t think it won’t happen just because of the package description/patent.

    3. Weight/Roll Size: These bags are neither lightweight nor small when rolled up, but we carry all of our camping gear in our car so weight isn’t an issue. Each bag weighs approximately 6.5 pounds, and measures 12″ high by 20″ long when rolled up. [See photos]

    If the overall weight and/or size of your sleeping bag matters to you, you can definitely do much better — but you’ll probably need to skip the flannel interior and the box construction.

    4. Exterior Pocket: Honestly, I didn’t even know this was a feature when I bought these sleeping bags, but there’s a small pocket on the outside (near the top outside corner when zipped) [See photo]. This Velcro-closure pocket is a great idea, but because its dimensions are fairly small (6″ long x 4″ high), it only holds relatively small nighttime essentials. That said, if you have a small enough flashlight, it’s a great spot to keep it handy.

    5. Exterior Fabric: Some of the photos I’ve included here (generally the close-up shots) show white fibers on the surface of the bag — resembling pet hair, perhaps. I think this is the filling used in these sleeping bags leaking through? In general, I find the exterior fabric “pilly” and somewhat thin/cheap. We haven’t had any rips or tears yet, but I wish the exterior fabric was made from sturdier stock.

    1. Temperature Range: The packaging states this bag’s “Coleman Comfort Range” is 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In mid-October a few seasons ago, however, my wife and I experienced unexpectedly cold nighttime temps in the mid 30s (but still above freezing) and these bags did NOT keep us warm — despite the fact that my wife wore fleece pajamas and thick socks, and I even pulled a fleece blanket atop my sleeping bag during the night.

    While I understand temperature comfort is subjective, I think the comfort range of these Coleman sleeping bags should be listed at 40-60-ish degrees F, ideally.

    2. Size/Length: I’m 6′ tall (72″) but I’m a side-sleeper, so I’ve never had a problem pulling the top of this bag over my head when necessary because I pull my legs…

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  2. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Warm, Soft, Long, and Wide, May 21, 2015
    Donald OBrien (Rockville, MD United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: 5 pounds of Coletherm insulation keeps you comfortable down to 30º F (Sports)
    I bought two of these sleeping bags about two years ago to use on Scouting camp outs with my son & our family. This model is large enough for my 6′ 2″ height with room to spare. Its nice a wide, so I can sleep with a knee to the side and remain comfortable in the bag. I’ve slept in 29 degree Nov nights and in July Summer nights. Temp has always been comfortable.

    The flannel liner is soft as you would imagine and self contained bag is easy to roll up for storage. I want to complain that the storage flap is not long enough to wrap around the entire bag, but in reality it actually is always enough to wrap up the bag for storage and stays together nicely once tied up. It has a build in carrying handle that recently tore its threads due to some rough handling. I did have to sew up some of the stitching. But its bad to being in good shape now. Its so comfortable that my kids who have borrowed them on some overnights with friends are now begging for them on family camp outs. They are outgrowing their kid bags, so I’m going to buy a few more of these and just have everyone use the same model of bag.

    I have not had a problem with the zippers, but then again, I have a healthy respect for zippers due to some bad tent situations. So I’m careful not to muck them up.

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