# 1 Best Soft Baits Kit for Bass Fishing Walleye Crappie Panfish Trout (#1 Soft Baits Kit A)

Wtrees Best Crappie Panfish Baits Lures Soft Plastic Baits for Fishing (Crappie Lures Kit 1)

  • 30 Pieces One Pack 4" Minow
  • Perfect For Walleyes with 1/8oz to 3/8oz Jig heads or Drop Shot for Bass
  • Creates Killer Bait Fish Presentation and .Has All the Features You Need to Fool Those Finicky Fish
  • Make Fish Hold on for that Extra Time to Get You more Hook ups.Its Beauty is in it's Simplicity Made Using the Highest Quality Materials and Engineered to Help Anglers Catch more Fish
original color50美龙双色